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Alice was once an Umbrella security operative placed at the mansion to protect the Hive's emergency entrance. Alice was married to Spence Parks; however, it was revealed to be a fake in order to protect the secrecy of the Hive's existence.

The Hive

Through the film Alice experiences flashbacks as her memory returns. She meets certain milestones within the Hive's laboratories. One of her first flashbacks occur when she first meets with Spence (who is also suffering the same side effects as her). Though working for Umbrella, it's revealed she was willing to expose Umbrella's experiments to bring the company down. After the full restoration of her memories, she tells Matt that she was Lisa Addison's (Matt's sister's) contact within the Hive. She was trying to help his sister smuggle a sample of the t-Virus out of the Hive in order to help their cause.

Alice had access to "security codes, surveillance plans, the works"; everything Lisa needed to pull off the plan and escape with the virus. However, her plans were foiled by Spence Parks who had his own personal agenda to retrieve the t-Virus and sell it on the black market. After the outbreak in the underground lab, Alice and Matt Addison remain the only survivors of the incident. Upon arrival back at the mansion both are seized by Umbrella scientists and taken into quarantine at Raccoon General Hospital. Alice wakes up some time later and escapes the room she was kept in to find Raccoon City destroyed as the virus escaped.

Raccoon City

After wandering around the city, Alice senses several survivors Jill Valentine; Peyton Wells, and Terri Morales are in trouble with a heavy presence of the t-Virus surrounding their location.

Alice and the others' paths are divided when the Nemesis ambushes them and kills Peyton. Alice opts to fight the Nemesis while the others escape in order locate Angela at the school. Alice is bested by Nemesis in their first encounter and barely escapes with her life. She later reunites with the others at the school, arriving in time to rescue Jill and Angela from the undead dogs who had been stalking them. She ignites the gas from the kitchen stove with a cigarette, killing the dogs in the explosion. The three then meet Carlos Olivera, who was also sent by Ashford to look for Angela.

The group arrives at city hall, unaware that Major Cain has intervened with Dr. Ashford's plan. He captures Alice and the others and demands to see a demonstration of Alice's abilities against the Nemesis. He explains that Alice was unique and adapted to the changes from the t-Virus, unlike her counterpart. Alice refuses to fight until Cain shoots Dr. Ashford and threatens to kill everyone else if she continues to object. She fights Nemesis until she gains the upper hand and impales him on a sharp metal object. During the fight, she experiences a flashback that reveals that the Nemesis actually is Matt Addison, who had been subjected to Umbrella's experiments alongside her. Cain orders Nemesis' immediate execution, but Alice refuses the order and the offer to rejoin the Umbrella corporation at his side. Disappointed, Cain orders Matt to kill her, however, the Nemesis rebels - implying that he remembers Alice from The Hive - and attacks the Umbrella soldiers instead. He aids Alice and the others in their fight to escape. He later protects Alice from the helicopters trying to kill her, taking them out with one shot from his rocket launcher. Alice tries to evade the crash, but is rendered unconscious by flying shrapnel from one of the helicopters. She later regains consciousness when Carlos and Angela go to retrieve her. As she is pulled to her feet, she spots the Nemesis' hand sticking out from underneath the burning wreck of one of the helicopters.

Death and rebirth

When the nuclear strike ordered by Major Cain occurs, the helicopter Alice and the others use to escape is caught by the shock waves from the blast. A pole of some sort inside the helicopter is shaken loose by the blast and spins toward Angela. Alice throws herself in front of the girl and as a result, is impaled by the pole. Alice is only partially aware of the helicopter crash before she dies, catching flashes of the event as it happens. The others pull her from the crash and cover her body. Two hours later, her body is retrieved from the Arklay Mountains by Umbrella scientists, lead by Dr. Sam Isaacs.


All the while, her psionic powers were growing, which proved to be a risk, as Umbrella could detect the effects of those powers and track her. They proved useful, however when she came across the convoy led by Claire Redfield, and used her powers to expand a cloud of fire to wipe out a swarm of infected crows and saved Carlos from being burnt alive, after which she passed out and awoke a few hours later.

Alice informed the surviving convoy members, Carlos and LJ among them, of a supposedly uninfected outpost in Alaska (Arcadia), and it was agreed that the convoy would head there after scouring the ruins of Las Vegas for supplies.

She shows her love to Carlos by sharing a romantic kiss with him just before he sacrifices himself. Carlos, who had been infected by an infected LJ, drove a rigged tanker truck into a swarm of zombies, sacrificing himself to allow the survivors into the nearby Umbrella facility, where the convoy survivors lifted off.

Alice, though, decided to stay behind, and finish things with Umbrella once and for all. What she found was carnage. Dozens of corpses, all with her face, filled a ditch on the grounds of the facility; clones, created by Isaacs to further his research into the virus and the anti-virus. She descended into the lab to find it destroyed.

Amidst the wreckage was the White Queen, an AI similar to the one she had encountered five years prior in The Hive. The Queen informed her that her blood was the key to purging the world of the t-Virus. The computer offered to help, but they could not proceed until Isaacs, now a hideous mutant (The Tyrant), was killed. Alice fought the monster in a replica of the Spencer Mansion and the Hive, the battle eventually moved into a recreation of the laser room.

Before Isaacs could strike a killing blow however, the laser grid activated, slicing through the creature and continuing toward Alice. Bracing herself for the end, she was surprised when the lasers deactivated. They had in fact, been controlled by another of her clones, woken up during her fight with Isaacs. A few hours later, Alice appeared, via hologram, at an Umbrella board meeting. She faced down chairman Albert Wesker, vowing to come for him, and "bring a few of my friends." Outside, as she and the first clone looked on, the others began to wake up.


 A year after the events in nevada, Alice leads an all out assault agianst Albert Wesker and Umbrella's tokyo facility. after wesker escapes on an umbrella helicopter and bombs the facility with the alice clones inside, the original alice comes up behind him with a gun to his head. Wesker gets the better of her and injects her with an anti-virus that neutralizes the T-cells in her body thus taking her powers away. 

Alice thanks Wesker, happy he removed her powers as she's now fully human again. As Wesker prepares to kill her, the pilot-less helicopter crashes. Alice is presumably the only survivor. Six months later, Alice pilots a two-seater plane to Alaska in hopes of finding Arcadia and the other survivors. Instead, Alice discovers a field of abandoned planes and choppers. She later finds the chopper flown by Claire Redfield abandoned on a nearby beach with the journal she gave K-Mart still inside, but nothing else. As she wonders what to do next, she is attacked and defeats her assailant but is shocked to see that its Claire with a Scarab device on her chest. Alice removes the device, but finds that Claire suffers memory-loss from a drug the device injected her with.

The two journey to Los Angels where they find thousands of zombies surrounding the Citadel Correctional Facility, which houses a small group of survivors. Alice crash lands on the roof after and the group, lead by Luther West and Angel Ortiz, is disappointed Alice is not from Arcadia and reveals the safe haven is actually a ship, now moored in the harbor. Alice guesses it must be traveling up and down the West Coast retrieving survivors from various locations.

In the facility's prison Alice meets (and Claire is reunited with) Chris Redfield. Shortly after, The Executioner attacks and lets in the zombie horde, forcing the survivors to abandon the prison. Alice's plane is hijacked by Bennett and the only escape vehicle is unusable due to the engine having been removed. Alice leads an escape through a tunnel dug by zombies that leads into the storm drains.

Alice, Claire and Chris end up the only survivors and make their way to Arcadia. There, they find Alice's plane crashed on the deck, but no sign of Bennett. Though the ship is abandoned, the log states over 2,000 people are still aboard. The trio discover a cargo hold with the Umbrella logo on it. Claire's memory of the events in Alaska returns and Alice realizes that Arcadia is an Umbrella trap to lure survivors into their grasp. Alice leaves Chris and Claire the duty of freeing the prisoners (starting with K-Mart), while she follows a blood trail to another room. Once inside, she discovers Albert Wesker is alive and well. Wesker reveals that his t-Virus powers allowed him to regenerate, but unlike Alice, the t-Virus is taking him over and he believes that feeding on her flesh will allow him to regain full control of himself. His actions and insanity are why the crew abandoned ship and he holds her at bay with an armed Bennett and two zombie dogs. However, Claire and Chris step in and Alice reminds him that she promised to "bring a few friends" along with her when she faced him.

Claire and Chris unsuccessfully battle Wesker while Alice kills the zombie dogs with one of her shotguns and wounds Wesker with a knife to the head. Bennett thwarts her attempt to get her other shotgun to finish him off, but he's stopped by a recovered K-Mart who knocks him out and tosses Alice back her shotgun, allowing her to blow a massive hole through Wesker's head and free Claire and Chris. Wesker survives his wound, so Claire and Chris unload their pistols into him and trap him with Bennett. Wesker regenerates, kills Bennett and escapes on another chopper and activates another bomb to blow up the Arcadia. Alice quickly calls Chris and Claire to escape the cargo hold, but merely to watch as his plane is destroyed. Prior to her encounter with Wesker, Alice had removed the ship's bomb and placed it inside the plane he would later use to escape.

With a ship full of over 2,000 survivors, Alice decides to turn Arcadia into a real sanctuary for survivors and broadcasts her own message of hope to draw survivors to the ship. Unfortunately, a massive Umbrella force of choppers and soldiers commanded by Jill Valentine who is now under Umbrella´s control approach the ship as the movie ends.


Alice will be appearing in the upcoming film, Resident Evil: Retribution. It has been confirmed through Milla's twitter that her past will be revealed, thus bringing back memories with such characters as One, Rain and Carlos in the form of flashbacks

Once again a prisoner of Umbrella, Alice continues the fight against the corrupt corporation, gaining new allies in Ada Wong, Barry Burton and Leon Kennedy. She also befriends a young girl named Becky, who she is said to form a mother/daughter relationship (akin to that of Ripley and Newt's in Aliens), seeing her as way to maintain her lost humanity.

Powers and abilities

In short, she gains all of the t-Virus's "positive" effects and none of its negative effects like the deceasing of higher brain function, cannibalistic cravings, and eventual decomposing or rotting flesh. Alice was able to maintain her humanity and a strong sense of confidence in her skills as an advantage against even the most superior foes. Alice's telekinetic abilities were used three times in Extinction; the first time to levitate her motorbike (and several rocks) while dreaming, once to deflect the fire used to kill the crows, and once again to deflect a mutated Dr. Isaacs, stopping the tentacles and then throwing him through a wall, also destroying most of the corridor of the mansion in the process. However during her battle with Isaacs she was only able to win with the help of one of her clones. Alice tricked Isaacs into a laser security system which she knew could kill Isaacs (even with his enhanced regenerative capabilities, faster than her own). If not for her clone deactivating the system on time Alice would have shared the same fate as Isaacs. This still shows her cleverness and courage in battle a trait that has kept her alive in her battles.

In Resident Evil: Afterlife, Alice's clones were shown to posses at least telekinesis out of her powers and could use it on the same level she could. They also displayed signs of Alice's heightened speed and agility, as they fought Wesker's men and guards. As Alice confronts Wesker on a chopper after he has blown up his facility, he injects her with a serum that destroys the T-cells in her body from the virus and thus renders her powerless. Alice actually thanks Wesker for this as it allows her to become a normal human again. Even without her powers, Alice retains the same level of confidence and fighting skills as she possessed with them before when she was a security operative of the Hive, and is even able to defeat an empowered Wesker (who had similar powers to her own) even without her powers, using her own cunning and skill.

However near the end of Afterlife, it's shown that she is able to "read" the final moments of a captive through touching their holding tube, signifying that the effects of the t-Virus may have not completely dissipated from her system. It is unknown whether or not her abilities will return.


Alice has shown a supreme level of ability with all sorts of weapons. In each film she is shown using a number of weapons, but only a few function as her principal tools of death. The first film was the only one where she only used what weapons she could salvage, as she had had amnesia and wasn't armed properly. In Apocalypse, she used an Mossberg 590 Cruiser shotgun and a pair of Heckler & Koch MP5K submachine guns as her main weapons. In Extinction, she carried two Uzi submachine guns and a pair of kukri knives, and used them to great effect. They were shown but never used in Afterlife, where Alice had many clones besides herself. The Alice clones in the beginning mainly used straight-bladed odachi blades and Brügger & Thomet MP-9s. The original Alice preferred to use a pair of 10-gauge double-barrelled shotguns (interestingly loaded with quarters, killing zombies with American currency in Afterlife) and a pair of Smith & Wesson Model 460V revolvers.

Appearance and wardrobe

In the first movie, Alice wore a red dress and boots. In the second, she wore torn jeans, an orange and mesh style tank top over it. In the third, she wore a brown trench coat, shorts and boots. In the fourth movie, she wore black pants, a black short sleeve shirt and dark colored boots.


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