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    Alice is Batwoman's long-lost identical older twin sister, Elizabeth Kane. Believing herself to be the Alice of Lewis Carroll's famous story, she became the High Madame of the Religion of Crime. Later, after rehabilitation by the DEO and her sister as well as her father, Alice reformed and became a hero and ally to her sister.

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    Alice in Gotham City

    Elizabeth Kane came to the world for Jacob and Gabi Kane about 2 minutes before their identical twin sister, Katherine. His parents were career soldiers in the US Army and belonged to a lineage of Gotham City's wealthiest families. Little is known about the origin of Alice or the transformation of Beth Kane into the psychotic figure of Alice, the high Madame of the Religion of Crime.

    The Religion of Crime had gone without a supreme leader for nearly a year after Mannheim's death by Batwoman. This leaderless time came to an end with the election of Alice as the Dark Faith's new High Madame. The heads of Gotham City's thirteen covens were prepared to meet and welcome her to the city, which they believed was their holy city. However, Batwoman crashed Alice's welcoming party. She was cracking down hard on the Religion of Crime and came looking for answers as to why they wanted her dead so badly. She attacked Alice and separated her from her flock for some questioning, in which Alice gave her little more than quotes from Lewis Carroll's story. Alice took Batwoman by surprise with a razor blade hidden in her mouth, slicing Gotham's heroine on the cheek with a poisoned blade. Batwoman was able to escape with the help of a group of rebellious members of the Religion of Crime.

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    After Batwoman's interruption, Alice got on with consolidating her new position of leadership, and she did so by gunning down the assembled leaders of Gotham's thirteen covens.

    Alice came to Gotham City with a plan for her holy city. She was going to consecrate the land with a deadly chemical weapon obtained from Fort Richards. To gain access to it, she abducted Colonel Kane. Her plan worked excellently, as she was able to breach the base, acquire the chemical weapon and take off with it in a plane. Much against the advice of her guards, she kept Colonel Kane alive, making this the second time she refused to kill him. On the plane, she moved in too close to him while speaking and he was able to recognize her as Beth. She denied that any such Beth existed.

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    Batwoman intercepted the plane with the help of the Religion of Crime's rebels and boarded in mid-flight. Alice's guards were defeated, and Colonel Kane was freed so that he could pilot the plane. Alice and Batwoman fought until both found themselves dangling outside of the plane Alice was in the most vulunerable position, being held onto by Batwoman. In a saner tone that she had previously spoken, Alice told Batwoman that she had their father's eyes before stabbing a dagger into her arm to force her to let go. Alice plunged from that great height into the Gotham River.

    The Gotham City Police Department was unable to find any sign of Alice's body in the river, and Batwoman kept a sample of her blood to test whether Alice was actually her lost twin sister.


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