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    The "Alice in Wonderland" Alice. A normal girl who had the misfortune of falling into Wonderland's entrance (a rabbit hole).

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    Alice is a little seven year old girl who goes on a picnic with her family when she sees a talking rabbit wearing a coat and a watch. She follows the White Rabbit and falls down a whole into another world. The world is Wonderland and there are many strange and unseal things that Alice sees along her adventure in the bizarre world.


    The Real Alice Liddell
    The Real Alice Liddell

    Alice first appeared in Alice's Adventures in Wonderland in 1865. Later, she appeared in the children's novel Through the Looking Glass. Both novels were written by Lewis Carrol. These two books are considered canon. Carroll also wrote in "Alice on the Stage:" Every other book is an extension of, a continuation of or a what you really didn't know kind of story.

    Alice was not entirely based on any real person but she was named after Alice Pleasance Liddell. The character of Alice is a logical girl who acts a lot older than her age of between six ans seven years old. Both stories take place on the same year 4 May, was the first one and it is also Alice Liddell's birthday. Through the Looking-Glass takes place on November 4th. Alic says that this is her seven and a half birthday exactly. In April 1887,

    Alice is mostly depicted wearing a pale blue knee-length dress with a white apron and socks. The original books were in black and white and the first color illustration was yellow. She is also seen wearing red in some stories. Alice is also depicted as a blonde and later she is depicted with striped stocking that remained today.

    Character Evolution

    As a character Alice seems to have gotten older in just about everything that has been written about her after the original books.

    Major Story Arcs

    Disney Comics

    Disney's Alice
    Disney's Alice

    On the bank of a tranquil river, Alice grows bored listening to her sister read aloud a history book. Alice sees a White Rabbit wearing a waistcoat and carrying a large pocket-watch. She follows him and tumbles down a rabbit hole and her skirt around her dress billows out like a parachute.

    At the bottom, she follows the rabbit into a large chamber but he escapes through a tiny door. The Doorknob suggests Alice drink from a bottle marked "Drink Me." The contents shrink her to a tiny fraction of her original size. The Doorknob now tells her that he is locked, but the key has appeared back on the table, where she found the drink, which she can no longer reach. The Doorknob directs her to a cookie marked "Eat Me." The cookie makes her grow so large that her head hits the ceiling. She begins to cry; her massive tears flood the room. The Doorknob points out that the "Drink Me" bottle still has some fluid left inside, so she finishes the last drop. She becomes so small that she drops inside the bottle. Both her and the bottle drift through the Doorknob's keyhole mouth and out to a sea made from Alice's tears.

    On Shore, a Dodo leads a group of animals in a futile caucus-race to get dry. Alice meets Tweedledum and Tweedledee, two fat brothers who recite "The Walrus and the Carpenter". Alice sneaks away to the White Rabbits house. The rabbbit orders Alice to fetch his gloves. Inside the house, Alice eats a cookie. She becomes so large that she gets stuck inside the house. The Dodo tries to help by sending Bill the Lizard down the chimney and then setting the house on fir. Alice eats a carrot from the garden and shrinks down to three inched high.


    Vertigo Alice
    Vertigo Alice

    DC Comics produced a series of comics that became part of the Fables Universe. This series is a very irreverent version of classic fairy tale characters and other public domain characters like Alice in wonderland. This Alice is full grown and wears a red dress as appose to the more popular blue. She was a prisoner at Golden Boughs Retirement Community by Mr. Revise and the Page Sisters. Hillary Page was known to pester her, begging her to recite her quotes from the book. She also spent a great deal of time fighting off Wicked John's advances. She managed to escape with John Henry and Pecos Bill during the big breakout, and the group briefly accompanied with Jack Horner, who told them the story behind his identity as Jack Frost. Her fate is never stated, she could have either died during the final battle or is still on the run, looking for Fabletown.

    League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen

    In the League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen Alice's name is protected because of her young age. She is known as Miss A. L. In it she survives both her trips to wonderland but her body is reversed. This causes an eating disorder that prevents her from eating. This eventually results in her death. Later another group known as the Bell Expedition goes "down the rabbit hole" but all are driven mad except the one that dies in wonderland and the one that comes back as a negative of himself, and who as a result also dies of the same aliment as Alice had.

    Zenescope Entertainment

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    See Alice Liddle.

    In Wonderland, Alice (as Lacie) is a Wonderland Entity, meaning she can heal from any wound, though she seems immune to the madness of Wonderland. Lacie is also skilled in armed combat.

    Real Name: Alice Liddle

    Aliases: Lacie

    Date of Birth: January 11, 1963

    Hometown: Cleveland, OH

    Height: 5'8"

    Weight: 143 lbs.

    Eyes: Blue

    Hair: Blond

    Relatives: Lewis Liddle (husband, deceased), Calie Liddle (daughter), Johnny Liddle (son), Violet Liddle (granddaughter), Charles Dodgson (great grandfather), Howard Dodgson (father, deceased)

    Eros Comix

    In Eros Comic Alice is "older". This is a spoof of the regular story where many of the characters are females and they have a lot of sex. Not much more than that.

    Lost Girls

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    In Alan Moore and Melinda Gebbie's Lost Girls,Alice is portrayed as a grey-haired elderly woman named Lady Fairchild. The comic depicts the sexually explicit adventures of three important female fictional characters of the late 19th and early 20th century: Alice Fairchild, Dorothy Gale, and Wendy Darling. They meet as adults in 1913 in and Austrian hotel describing and sharing with each other some of their erotic adventures.

    At fourteen, Alice is coerced into sex with her father's friend, which she endures by staring into a mirror and imagines she is having sex with herself. At an all-girls boarding school, Alice convinces many of her schoolmates to sleep with her, and develops a strong attraction to her P.E. teacher, who offers Alice a job as a personal assistant (and sexual plaything) when she leaves employment at the school. Alice's employer marries a Mr. Redman, but begins hosting extravagant, drug-fuelled lesbian sex parties. Alice becomes addicted to opium, and watches a young girl named Lily, among many others, abused just as she was. When Lily is instructed by Mrs. Redman to secretly perform cunnilingus on Alice under the table during a dinner party, Alice exposes her employer's secrets to the guests. Mrs. Redman has Alice declared insane, and she is put into a mental hospital where she is systematically raped by the staff. Upon release Alice resumes her lesbian activity and drug use. Disowned by her family, she moves to Africa to run a family-owned diamond mine.


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