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    Raven/Rachel Roth's aunt, Arella/Angela Roth's sister. She lives in San Fransisco, and is married to a man named Jack Williams; they have three children together: Mary-Beth, Billy, and Jessica Williams. When Rachel came to her door after Tim Drake's death and the ensuing break up of the Teen Titans, Alice took her in and gave her a home. Alice is a devout believer in God, and in the innate goodness of humanity.

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    Introduced in Raven #1 as Raven's aunt and Arella's sister, Alice is a caring woman who believes that everyone is good at their core. Despite meeting her niece for the first time, she believes that Raven is good and loves her.


    The White Carnival

    Alice standing with her niece to stand up to The Thing and save San Francisco
    Alice standing with her niece to stand up to The Thing and save San Francisco

    See: Raven #1-6 (2016)

    Alice invited her niece, Rachel Roth (Raven of the Teen Titans), to stay with her and her family in San Francisco. Rachel accepted and Alice's family did their best to make her feel welcome.

    When a mysterious white light (which Raven dubbed "The Thing") began abducting teens from around the city, Alice watched the TV as Rachel tried to stop it. She also forbade her children to leave the house.

    Her eldest daughter, Mary-Beth snuck out to try to help Rachel though, and Alice saw her on TV being possessed by The Thing.

    Alice rushed to the site gave Rachel her support. She and the rest of the adults in the area formed a chain to give Rachel extra strength so she could stop the The Thing and save Earth.


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