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    Character » Alice Obiefune appears in 72 issues.

    Companion of the 11th Doctor.

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    Alice was brought to the Doctor's attention when he was pursuing a dog-like beast that feeds on negative emotions. Noting the beast paid attention to Alice, the Doctor figured out she was severely depressed and brought her on several adventures to cheer her up. The beast itself was re-uinited with it's loving master after Alice and the Doctor bring it out of a tear through the British Parliment.

    Alice gains two new traveling companions. Jones, a musician of considerable talent and little social skills and ARC, a sentient shapeshifting robot.

    At one point Jones has to deal with the tragic death of Jones, who sacrifices himself to save her. Fortunately the Doctor was able to reverse that death because time had become unstable inside the TARDIS.

    Many of Alice's adventures had been affected by the company called 'SERVEYOUINC'. When the Doctor finally decided to take the fight to their doorsteps he was overwhelmed mentally and became the company's CEO. Alice and Jones go on the run, using trickery and disinformation to fight against their adversaries.

    At one point, Alice meets the War Doctor, entirely against his will. She aids him in confronting several enemies.

    In another adventure, involving other Doctors and companions, Alice sacrifices her life so Gabby can summon help through the time stream. The alterations to time means Alice is returned to life.


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