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Biography (Film)

A Nightmare on Elm Street 4: The Dream Master

Alice Johnson was a good friend of Kristen Parker because her brother Rick was dating him. Alice came from a broken family and was very shy and meek, working a dead-end job as a waitress; she considered dreams to be her only escape from the real world. Kristen, fearful that Freddy Krueger would come for her after he murdered her friends Joey and Kincaid, sensed a kindred spirit in Alice and passed along her dream powers. Combining Kristen's powers with Alice's already considerable lucid dreaming abilities made her the "Dream Master" and she became Krueger's next big target. This linked her to Krueger, allowing her to take on the abilities, both from the real world and the dream world, of Krueger's slain victims. This caused her to become more outgoing and aggressive, even managing to finally win the heart of a jock named Dan who had previously ignored her. She also stood up to her father. Sensing that Krueger was just a parasite who fed on other people's souls, she defeated him by forcing him to star into a magic mirror, which caused all of his victims to claw their way out of Krueger's body.

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A Nightmare on Elm Street 5: The Dream Child

Alice soon forgot all about Krueger and made a new circle of friends. However, after becoming pregnant by her boyfriend Dan, Alice's maternity stress brought back her nightmares and Krueger soon returned. Krueger began murdering her friends and loved ones, including Dan. Since Alice was the successor of Kristen, who was the successor of his first nemesis, Nancy, Krueger planned something especially vicious for her, planning to be reborn in the body of her son, which he fed with the souls of his victims. However, with the help of her friend Yvonne, she managed to contact the spirit of Sister Mary Helena (Krueger's mother) and the spirit of her unborn son, and she was able to destroy Krueger once again by ripping the souls he had drained out of his body.


Alice is the protagonist of Innovation's 1991 series Nightmares on Elm Street from issue 3 onwards. She finds herself having problems with her son (Who has inherited her dream powers) and fearing Krueger's return. She seeks out the help of Neil Gordon. In the end, Gordon gives up his body so that Dan can take it over and be re-united with Alice and his son. She is depicted with blonde hair in this.

In Wildstorm's Freddy Vs Jason Vs Ash: The Nightmare Warriors, Alice dies, but not before passing on her powers to her son.


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