Alice in Wonderland

    Movie » Alice in Wonderland released on February 28, 1999.

    An 1999 television adaptation of the Lewis Carrol tales by NBC. Alice is a young girl supposed to perform at a garden party but suffers from stage fright. She runs away and then her Wonderland adventure begins. The theme is Alice learning to face challenges bravely.

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    Each Wonderland movie has something to give to the story. Making it new and fun. This was one of those movies that made Wonderland new and fun once more.

    As a typical Alice movie, the story follows the main story quite well. Each of the characters are alive with what they should be. This is something important. The one thing that was different about this one was that they seemed to have more human people in Wonderland then most others do. They did keep most of the main Animals, animals in the movie. But there was some that might have been better as an Animal then a human.

    TO help out with the views, they put some music in it for fun. Some of them are catchy, and can get stock in your head easily. For those of you who did, I feel for you. =P

    One thing I loved about the movie was how they changed the scenes! It was fluent just how the story should be! This really helped the movie out. I was impressed with this. I do like watching an Alice movie where this happens nicely. It can make or break the movie sometimes.

    The one thing that is also very important is the

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    Mad Hatter!

    If the actor, who is playing him, cannot be crazy and weird, then he just isn’t meant to be one. I was happy to see that Martin Short knows how he needed to be. He did a great job on him.

    It the end, I feel this is a well-done Alice in Wonderland movie. I very happy that Directors are willing to do a Great TV movie of a Classic story.

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