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Alice Hotwire is a very intelligent detective exorcist who is working at the Metro Police Station in London. As a detective exorcist she has to fight against ghosts. She can be considered as to be very quick on the uptake because she is able to use her intelligence to defeat ghosts even when her weapons do not work on them. Unfortunately, her extreme intelligence makes her arrogant, so that she is very unpopular among her colleagues. But also normal people do not like her very much which often leads to her being in trouble.

Thanks to her skeletal modifications, she is shockproof and has an internal tin-foil hat to protect her from being mind-controlled by ghosts. She is a very hot-tempered woman; full of confidence who is willing to risk her life to prove science is always right.

In addition, Alice is a good liar because she was able to persuade Detective Mobey to help her by claiming that she was not the whistle blower on the two cops who went berserk against an immigrant family. However, it really was her who gave the information to the press.

What is more, she is a good biker; science fixed and follows rules obsessively. Her weakness is that she is abusive to alcohol.



Alice loved her childhood. She was the only kid living on the compound and was surrounded by brilliant scientists and engineers who built her toys to compete to be her favorite uncle. Every morning she ran to the labs to feed the animals.

She always wanted to wear a pair of her mother’s glasses because her aim was to look as beautiful and brilliant as her mother. She wanted to be like her, a doctor who had found a cure for Alzheimer, not like her father who was the completely opposite of her mother.

Teenaged Years

Alice Hotwire was home schooled by her genius parents. She ran away in her mid teens, after her mother was killed. It was then that she started to take intelligence damping drugs which dropped her I.Q. from over 135 to a low 70. However, the stupider she got, the happier she was. Therefore, she went to parties and drank a lot. For a period of approximately 18 months she was barely sentient. Her vocabulary dropped to less than 300 words. She was human wreckage, when she joined the police and received two promotions in the first & a half year.

Tragic Death of Alice’s Mother

Alice’s father was a software engineer, a prodigy who had written software applications in his teens. Unfortunately, it was a bad time for science because the fact that the dead stopped departing and turned into ghosts, lead to people not trusting science any longer. They started to search for answers in spiritualism. Therefore science turned to an enemy and ’s father turned to a man full of conspiracy theories. He scared people and so the Homeland Enforcement G-SWAT came for him. They rushed into the house and found and her mother playing a game with artificial guns. The G-SWAT shot at her mother because they thought it was a real gun.

Nowadays, her father is fully accredited for police consultancy.


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