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    The beautiful and bright sister of Edward Cullen has the ability to see into the near future but the visions change with people's choices.

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     Alice Cullen
    Alice Cullen

    Alice Cullen is a vampire and a part of the Cullen family, a Vampire Coven which practices irregular feeding habits compared to most typical vampires in that her and her coven, do not eat or kill humans. Alice herself is over 100 years old, having been born in 1901, her birth name Mary Alice Brandon. She did have a biological sister Cynthia Brandon, who remained a human and passed on many decades ago. Alice was institutionalized by her family, sent to a mental asylum after her claims of having the ability to see the future. Her premonitions plagued her and she did try to prevent many of the horrible things she would see happen, however no one would heed her warnings and tragedy would always follow. Painfully Alice was even unable to save her own mother who she foresaw would die, and although her mother and father were initially willing to heed Alice's predictions over time they grew more cynical - but of course Alice's vision would come to pass. Her father remarrying Alice had another vision in which she realized that her father was actually responsible for her mothers death and now planned to murder her. Seeking help from an outside source Alice fell into a plan set in motion by her father, warning a local sheriff that his daughter was insane, Alice was consequently sent to aforementioned mental asylum.

    As this was still at the dawn of the 20th century, the practices employed by such facilities, were less than desirable. Alice was shaven and subjected to electric shock therapy. Barbaric treatment eventually leading to giving Alice amnesia. However a certain fun, and quirky quality in her personality begun to manifest, giving her a sweet and light but also odd niceness. A vampire who worked at the institution realized another vampire was tracking Alice, he decided to turn her to prevent her death. Alice, now a vampire would experience much more lucid and powerful premonitions, along with your typical vampire abilities and powers and of course cravings for blood. Yet one of Alice's first new type of premonitions was living a happy and fulfilling existence with Jasper Hale and the Cullen family. With this as knowledge she curbed her hunger for blood and began practicing a non human diet.


    Alice Cullen was originally used in the Twilight Novel series, written by Stephenie Meyer, movie series followed later, with Alice played by actress Ashley Greene. Following on, Alice Cullen appears in a Graphic Novel adaptation written by Stephenie Meyer and Young Kim and with art by Young Kim.

    Powers and Abilities

    Alice Cullen is a vampire and as such possesses superhuman strength, speed, agility, endurance, healing, health, senses, reflexes, and increased mental dexterity. Her speed is such that she can appear as a blue to the normal human eye, possibly moving so fast that she can't be seen. Alice in particular is considered the most agile of the Cullens. Like many of the Vampires, Alice has unique individual powers, hers are the ability to see into the future a limited degree. She had always had premonitions, even before she was a vampire, however when she was turned, her natural ability intensified. She still has limits though, and sometimes progression of actions can lead to varying outcomes creating inconsistencies with her visions. She also has trouble and difficulty reading the futures of shapeshifter characters and hybrid characters. Alice can also use her ability to see into the future to fight and predict opponents attacks and movements. This allowing her to be a capable and deadly fighter.

    Other Media


    Twilight (2008 film)

    Alice (played by Ashley Greene) is a part of the Cullen family, rather than being strictly blood relatives, they are bonded by virtue of being vampires, but they behave as family for all intents and purposes, especially around humans. Alice along with her siblings Rosalie and Jasper Hale, and Edward Cullen Emmett Cullen, attend Forks High School. It is there that her brother Edward encounters Bella Swan, and the two fall into a romantic entanglement. As Bella and Edwards relationship grows stronger, she inevitably discovers and learns of his true nature as a vampire. Due to her powers, Alice always realized that Bella would be accepted among them and would make Edward happy and as such was very warm considerate and friendly to Bella accepting her as family almost immediately after meeting her. Later on at a baseball game, Alice's powers allow her to see three nomad Vampires approaching, one of whom James goes on to fulfill an antagonistic role, and is dealt with later lethally by Alice, Edward and Emmett.

    New Moon (2009 film)

    Alice (played by Ashley Greene) is a part of the Cullen family. After an accident which almost resulted in tragedy split Edward and Bella up, the Cullens decide to leave Forks. Bella and Alice maintain email communication. Alice's visions of Bella grow increasingly obscure due to interference from the La Push Werewolves - shape shifters who interfere with Alice's psychic powers. She does have a projection of Bella jumping off a cliff though which sets forward a sequence of events leading to Edward think she has died. Alice and Bella must then rush to Italy to save his life.

    Eclipse (2010 film)

    Alice (played by Ashley Greene) is a part of the Cullen family. Victoria, a vampire from Twilight wishes revenge for her lover James death and so heads to Forks with an army of new born vampires. Alice helps Jasper train the other vampires and wolves for combat. Alice's psychic abilities make her an extremely useful fighter in the physical confrontation.

    The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn (2011 film)

    Alice Cullen is once again reprised by American actress Ashley Greene. She plays a minor role in the movie. When her friend Bella Swan falls pregnant with a half breed vampire her life is endangered by the complications. To further complicate matters, the Quileute Tribe Werewolves are opposed to this new birth and this puts them in opposition to the Cullen Family, and Alice Cullen.


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