Alias the Blur

    Character » Alias the Blur appears in 11 issues.

    A member of the Brotherhood of Dada, the Blur is the mutilated reflection of a woman in love with a mirror.

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    Alias the Blur was created when Ilse Krauss, a German actress, fell in love with her own reflection. She became obsessed with the mirror and spent years gazing into it. In her madness, she perceived her own slow aging as her lover being replaced. Broken-hearted, she tried to "murder" the mirror by deforming it with battery acid. Distressed by the warped image this created, Ilse shot herself in the head, putting her in a permanent coma. The mirror, meanwhile, remained haunted and tortured. Placed in a junkyard, the mirror was roused from its slumber and devoured the time of a nearby child, immediately aging him, but empowering itself.


    Alias the Blur was created by Grant Morrison and Richard Case. It made its first appearance in Doom Patrol #49.

    Major Story Arcs

    Nobody for President

    Alias the Blur is called by Mr Nobody to Venice, and there helps free Mr Nobody from the Painting That Ate Paris. It joins the second incarnation of the Brotherhood of Dada, and participates in Mr Nobody's campaign to become president of the United States. Alias the Blur was shattered when John Dandy attacked the team, resulting in the simultaneous death of Ilse Krauss in Germany. It briefly rallied, but was ultimately destroyed alongside most of the other members of the Brotherhood.

    Powers and Abilities

    Alias the Blur is a strange mirror ghost creature that is able to absorb, or "eat," time from anything. It is thus able to rapidly age objects and people, and can use this stolen time energy to power itself.


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