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As a young boy with magical powers, Ali-Ka-Zoom joined the Newsboy Army. Together with them he had several adventures. Like the other members of the Army, his character arc was corrupted by the rogue Unknown Man Zor. Becoming schizophrenic and homeless, his legacy faded and he was viewed by the general public as insane, though his legend lived on amongst magical people.


Ali-Ka-Zoom was created by Grant Morrison and Simone Bianchi. He made his first appearance in Seven Soldiers: Shining Knight #2.

Major Story Arcs

Seven Soldiers of Victory

Living on the street, Ali is encountered and protected by the newly arrived Sir Ystin. He speaks to Ystin, and tells them that they must be a shining knight to combat the darkness of the world. He rides the bus of the dead, but decides to return to the land of the living. He seeks out Zatanna, the current possessor of his cabinet. He burns the cabinet to release the necessary energy, and travels with Zatanna and Misty to meet Don Vincenzo, who is dying. He takes Don Vincenzo's spirit with him on the bus. His spirit returns during the final battle with the Sheeda to encourage Zatanna to cast the spell that brings together the Seven Soldiers. After the battle concludes, he speaks to Ystina, giving them their sword and assuring them that they will return to their time period someday.

Powers and Abilities

Ali-Ka-Zoom is a wizard of some power. He is also a skilled magician, with talent in prestidigitation. Following his death, he is able to manifest himself as a ghost.

Weapons and Equipment

Ali-Ka-Zoom created the Cabinet of Ali-Ka-Zoom, a magical cabinet which could be used to entrap objects and people.


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