Ali Devenar

    Character » Ali Devenar appears in 51 issues.

    Student at Arcane Acre.

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    Coming from Vanderhorn (located in Myst), Ali is born with a special gift: he sees spirits. For three generations, this has not happened. After his mother died, he wondered if he would see her spirit. His father sents him off to Arcane Acre, so Ali can be tutored in controlling his gift by Sela and Belinda.

    Major Story Arcs

    Grimm Fairy Tales: Arcane Acre

    Ali brings a magic lamp to Arcane Acre. The lamp is stolen from him by fellow student Wulf, who gives it to Hailey. She opens the lamp, releasing the genie. The genie asks every student what his or her wish is and twists it, making it malicious. Upon discovering his lamp is stolen, Ali tracks the genie and wishes he'd never brought it with him. With the genie gone, the wishes are undone.


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