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Along with fellow student and roomate Tim Drake, the third Robin, Ali Ben Khadir attends Brentwood Academy. While at school, Khadir is nearly killed when a demon is sent by the Arghulian, however Khadir is in possession of an ancient amulet that is able to turn the demon against its former master.

In addition to being a student at Brentwood Academy, Ali Ben Khadir is also the Rhafi of Dhabar, a nation located in the Middle-East.


Ali Ben Khadir was created for use in DC Comics by Chuck Dixon, Pete Woods, and Jesse Delperdang. His first appearance is in Robin #44 released in March of 2000.

Powers and Abilities

Ali Ben Khaddir has no innate sups powers, though he is a charismatic leader, as well as being quite intelligent.


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