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    Alfred Pennyworth is Bruce Wayne's loyal father figure and butler. Alfred raised Bruce (and later Dick Grayson) after the death of the Waynes. A former British secret agent, Alfred is a skilled surgeon who often treats members of the Bat-Family.

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    Alfred Pennyworth is Batman's loyal butler, and usually tens in the Bat-Cave, cooking, mending Batman's numerous costumes, and keeping the Bat-Family in shape and order.

    Character Evolution

    Golden Age

    Golden Age Alfred
    Golden Age Alfred

    During the Golden Age, Alfred was this bumbling, fat, amateur detective. He always tries to help Batman but ends up doing something stupid or messing up the case. However, in the 1943 Batman serial William Austin played Alfred as a thin man, with a mustache and spoke in a dignified English accent. So the writers wrote a story where they sent Alfred to a health spa where he lost his weight and grew a mustache. Alfred's origin was also in a jumble or mix up, and as Denny O'Neil once stated "continuity wasn't a problem those days, the Batman I did and the one Julius Schwartz were very different" (this was after the golden age). Alfred had two origins: One was that he raised Bruce Wayne since his parents were murdered and the second was that he came into Bruce Wayne's life after Bruce had adopted Dick. Alfred lived with the Waynes for months without knowing they were Batman and Robin. One night, Alfred heard a screaming coming from the old grandfather clock, he opened and discovered the entrance to the Batcave and Dick Grayson as Robin with an injured and unmasked Batman. Dick was yelling for Alfred and he helped Batman back to his full health (The latter one was used during the Silver Age with the addition of him being an actor and fought in World War 2).

    Note: The original name for Alfred in the Golden Age was Alfred Beagle. This name was kept for Earth-Two continuity. With the results of Crisis on Infinite Earths the characters were merged and "Beagle" was forgotten.

    Silver Age

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    Denny O'Neil and Neal Adams were offered the chance to work on Batman and clean him up and in a way bring him back from the dead. O'Neil read up on the old Batman stories and wrote Batman in stories that made him a detective, a brooding and emotionally cracked Batman who hung in the shadows and patrols the streets for crime rather than wait for the Bat signal. They also had Dick move to college. Batman also moved to his penthouse at the Wayne Foundation building and created a new Batcave underneath it.

    They also tried to minimize suspicions that Batman was homosexual. To do this, they killed off Alfred. How? Batman and Robin were on a mountain when a huge boulder was pushed off to kill them. Alfred pushed Batman and Robin out of the way and he himself got crushed. Dick Grayson's Aunt Harriet was used as Alfred's replacement. Alfred was later resurrected by a scientist named Dr. Brandon Crawford. Crawford used a regeneration machine and brought Alfred back. However, Alfred's physical appearance changed into a pasty skinned, rock patterned being with a desire to kill Batman and Robin. He now called himself the Outsider and used his telekinetic powers on Zatanna, the Grasshopper Gang, and the Batmobile to attack Batman. Batman and the Outsider later met and fought. Batman discovered it was Alfred and during their fight, the Outsider got pushed into the same regeneration machine and returned to normal as Alfred. Alfred did not remember any of his time as Outsider. He then returned to the Wayne Household as their butler again.


    Alfred's history was changed little after the Crisis On Infinite Earths. Alfred's real name is Alfred Beagle, during his days as a British Intelligent agent, he changes it to Alfred Pennyworth. Alfred later leaves the government and becomes an actor and a make-up artist. Alfred's mother approved of Alfred's decision of becoming an actor. However, his father wanted to continue the Pennyworth tradition of becoming a butler. Finally, Alfred's father was about to die and Alfred swore that he would continue the family tradition. Alfred left England to serve the Wayne Family.

    Upon arriving at the Manor, Thomas Wayne greeted him and as Alfred introduce himself, it is obvious that young Bruce was admiring him. Bruce offered to carry his suit cases but they were too heavy for him.

    Alfred: (smiles) It seems that young Master Bruce, I believe, has so much to learn.

    Bruce: (trying to lift the bags) The first thing <urf> I want to learn is your funny way of talking! (Bruce's parents and Alfred are laughing)

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    Some time later, Alfred helps young Bruce after a bully starts bullying him and teaches Bruce to think with his head rather than fists. Alfred was thinking about leaving when Bruce asked him not to go, when the Waynes were murdered Alfred decided to stay. Alfred raises young Bruce Wayne together with Dr. Leslie Tompkins. Later, Bruce decided to travel abroad and Alfred stayed at Wayne Manor and gets into a little romance with Dr. Leslie Tompkins.

    One night, when Bruce Wayne goes out on his first night, Alfred is fast asleep. He hears a sound and wakes up to follow a trail of blood. He hears the sound of shattering glass and the bell ringing. Bruce was in his chair bleeding and a bat has crashed through the window. Alfred nurses Bruce's wounds. In a story titled 'Waiting in the Wings', Alfred informs Bruce that he will be leaving the Wayne Manor.

    One night, before Alfred leaves, some of Bruce's friends come to visit him. However, Bruce is already out as Batman. Bruce's friends watch a t.v. news report, a street gang kidnaps the son of their rival they gather on the roof top with explosives. The roof top is that of the old theater where Bruce saw The Mark Of Zorro before his parents were murdered. Batman battles the crooks while his friends gasp at some of the injuries Batman suffers and Alfred tries to stay in character. Batman saves the boy and hands him over to the police. He says to them, "Take care of the boy". Bruce's friends thought it sounded like Bruce but Alfred says that Bruce's voice is half an octave lower. A phone rings and Bruce's friends answer it, it was Bruce who says he can't come because of bad traffic. The guests leave and Alfred faces a critically injured Batman.

    The next morning, Alfred calls some of Bruce's friends and speaks in Bruce's voice and tells them he has to go out of town for a while. Alfred tells Bruce that he sent off Bruce's guests last night by mimicking his voice on the telephone. Bruce tells him, "Alfred, as your father was to my father, you will never be just a butler". Alfred walks out of the room with Batsuit and his shadow forming the Bat logo.

    Major Story Arcs

    Knightfall and Knight Quest

    A new masked criminal named Bane frees all of Arkham Asylum in hope of weakening Batman. When Batman was finally weakened, Bane broke into Wayne Manor, after discovering Batman's secret identity, and fought with the physically and spiritually weakened Batman. Alfred picked up a gun and tried to shoot Bane. The fight between Bane and Batman took them to the Batcave where Bane delivered the killing blow, breaking Batman's spine.

    Alfred then faced the biggest challenge of his career. The sheer amount of bullet holes, broken bones and knife wounds was too much even for him. Batman lay near the brink of death and Alfred desperately calls Dr. Shondra Kinsolving who uses her healing powers to repair some of Bruce's injuries. Alfred spent tiring and sleepless nights to take care of Bruce. Bruce then gives the mantle of Batman to Azrael. One night, while Azrael was out as Batman with Tim, Bruce decided to tell Shondra that he is Batman. He learns from her assistant that she was in Jack Drake's house (who was paralyzed too). Alfred was asleep and Bruce did not want to wake him. Bruce wheeled over in his wheelchair to the Drakes house (it was next door). He spotted an armed guard and attacked him with a tree bark. Already tired he went over to the house to see both Shondra and Jack Drake being kidnapped.

    Bruce did his best and attacked the kidnappers. Bruce attacks one of them and breaks his nose, but the guy attacks back and Bruce is lying helpless on the ground as the kidnappers escape. Alfred comes in time to help Bruce.

    Bruce later goes out to find Shondra. He travels to Santa Prisca with Alfred. While there Bruce talks about his failure and not being strong enough. Alfred tells Bruce that he had done something far more expected from a normal man. Bruce says that the pep talk is unnecessary.

    After discovering that Bane was not responsible for the kidnapping, Bruce concluded that Shondra may have been the primary target and not Jack Drake. Bruce checks on Shondra's past and finds out about a man named Benedict Asp. Asp's past was a mystery and his files were closed by the order of M.I.5 the Secret Service.

    In London, The vigilante named The Hood captures a gang bringing in cigarettes illegally. He then shines his signal into the air and suddenly a bat signal lights up next to it. The Hood follows it and meets with Batman. Batman asks for his help, and is willing to pay. The Hood says that he doesn't work for money. Batman tells him it's not money, rather the location and arrival of a drug shipment. The Hood asks whether he really is Batman.

    Batman challenges him to a fight and Alfred, who is hiding, sighs. The Hood tells him it's alright and that he can sense something in Batman's voice. Batman tells him to break into the headquarters of M.I.5 and steal the files regarding Benedict Asp. The Hood agrees and swings away. Batman almost falls to the ground since he was strapped to a flag pole the entire time and was burning with pain even then. He then changes into a civilian clothes and leave to the hotel with Alfred.

    Meanwhile, Shondra is being held in a dungeon by Benedict Asp along with Jack Drake. Asp brings with him Colonel Vega and his assistant. Asp needs Shondra for an experiment he is conducting and when she denies, Asp punches and tortures Drake who was still paralyzed. Shondra reluctantly agrees. She tells Asp that he used to abhor violence. Asp tells her he still does.

    The Hood breaks into the M.I.5 headquarters and steals the files regarding Asp. Meanwhile, Bruce is exercising in order to heal quickly. He then rests on his bed and thinks about a the women he has met, Catwoman, Talia, and Poison Ivy, and how something keeps distancing them from him like Talia torn between her father and him. Bruce thinks that Shondra may be the perfect one for him.

    The Hood arrives and meets Batman in an alley. He hands over the papers and Batman silently takes them. The Hood gets suspicious and yanks off Batman's mask only to find Alfred underneath. Alfred then uses his theatric skills to convince the Hood that he is a poor man who was told by the 'big mister' to give him this. Hood lets him go and takes the envelope containing the location of the drug shipment. Alfred then smiles and is thankful that he was a former actor and questions about why he ever left it.

    Asp then conducts his experiments, Colonel Vega's assistant then cut his hand with a dagger. Asp talks about how they used to work together with him being the amplifier increasing Shondra's abilities. He tells her that he wants to find out what they really do together. Shondra with Asp using his psychic's to increase her power , heals the assistants hand. Meanwhile, in another room Colonel Vega gets some readings on his instruments, he then takes the exact frequency of Shondra's power and reverses it and releases it upon a lab rat and it instantly dies. Asp then begins feeding drugs to Shondra to amplify her powers.

    Alfred reads to Bruce the files but it leads to nowhere. Alfred then takes the newspaper and finds out that Asp is holding an Annual Hunting Ball. Bruce and Alfred go there in disguise. Asp uses his psychic powers and Shondra's abilities to kill an entire English village. This traumatizes Shondra and she went into a psychic battle with Asp. The energy released during the fight heals Bruce's back and he defeats Asp. However, Shondra's mind then regressed back to childhood. Bruce had no choice other than to put her in a mental hospital and Bruce prepares to leave England when Alfred informs him that he will be staying in England.

    No Man's Land

    Gotham becomes devastated by an earthquake which completely levels the city. Wayne Manor was completely destroyed and it's debris fell into the Batcave, utterly destroying it. Batman worked hard both as Bruce Wayne and Batman to help his broken city.

    Alfred himself spent time trying to seal the visible opening to the Batcave with Harold, Tim and the other members of the Batman Family. Eventually, the Manor was rebuilt using debris from the previous one and now resembled a Scottish castle with it's own cannon.

    Batman & Son

    At the beginning of this arc, Alfred worries that cleaning up Gotham is making Batman lose the Bruce Wayne side to his personality. Eventually, both Robin and Alfred convince Bruce to go out on a vacation. They visit the London Pop Art Museum where Bruce learns that Talia had obtained the Man Bat formula and unleashed an army of Man Bat's to kidnap the British Prime Minister's wife. Batman is eventually defeated and discovers that he has a son named Damian Wayne. Bruce brings him to the Batcave. At first Damian is not interested and his impetuousness made him locked in the Manor.

    Damian also wanted to fight crime as his father but was angry that he took away his sword and didn't get a laptop. When Batman left to battle Spook, Damian put on a cloak and beheaded the Spook. He showed this to Tim and when Tim tried to talk some sense into Damian, he punched him off the giant T-Rex robot. Batman eventually came back with Damian and found Alfred tied and Robin seriously injured. Alfred operated on Tim and left him in his bed.

    Batman went with Damian to confront his mother who kidnapped the British Prime Minister's wife so that she could gain a Garrison at Gibraltar. The issue ends with the ship they were on exploding and Batman finding only Damian's cloak. Damian and Talia had escaped.

    Batman R.I.P.

    Scandal hits the pages of Gotham's newspapers claiming that there is evidence proving that the deceased Thomas and Martha Wayne were not the angelic socialites everyone remembers to them to be. With allegations of drugs and physical abuse, Alfred is also rumored to be Bruce's real father due to an affair he had with Martha. Seemingly ignoring the rumors in order to investigate a secret society only known as The Black Glove, Bruce begins to become obsessed with finding out the truth behind them, who they are and what they want with him. Alfred and all those close to Bruce begin to become worried about his obsession, but it is too late as the Black Glove initiate a mental trigger within Bruce's mind leaving him incapacitated. Members of the Black Glove invade the Batcave, capturing and savagely beating Alfred into unconsciousness.

    Alfred awakens to Dr. Hurt wearing Thomas Wayne's original Bat costume. Hurt, claiming to be Thomas Wayne, tries to have Alfred admit that Bruce is his son. Disgusted at Hurt's mockery of the memory of the real Thomas Wayne, Alfred states that he knew Thomas, and Hurt is not him. Unpleased with Alfred's response, Hurt hits him with a champagne bottle, and leaves him in the Batcave as the Black Glove's "party" migrates to Arkham Asylum.

    As Bruce returns to the manor after seemingly defeating Hurt, Alfred, bandaged and already beginning to clean, greets Bruce at the door as if nothing had ever happened. Before Bruce heads to the cave, he takes the time to simply thank his oldest friend. Unbeknownst to them both, this would be the last few moments the two would spend together for some time.

    Batman Reborn

    After the events of Final Crisis, the Batman Family is in shambles with the apparent death of Bruce Wayne. Both Superman and Wonder Woman come to the Batcave to bring Dick Grayson and Tim Drake the cape and cowl Bruce was wearing during his apparent death. Alfred eventually joins to bring both Superman and Wonder Woman their favorite drinks. Feeling bad that he is still working at such an emotional time, Superman asks Alfred if he is alright. With a pause, Alfred states "Am I alright? No, sir. I am not. My son has died." Later, Alfred and Dick have a tearful and emotional conversation about not being ready for what they both knew would eventually happen. Despite Alfred's saddened state, he tells Dick that they must not have a funeral for Batman, if the world was to know that Batman had died, it would destroy the legacy that Bruce spent so much of his life creating, Batman must live. Instead of a funeral, the body that was recovered by Superman after Final Crisis was buried in an unmarked grave next to Thomas and Martha Wayne, with only Bruce's closest friends and allies knowing the location.

    Without a Batman to police the city, Gotham becomes a war zone of crime, with most of the Arkham inmates being set free by the new Black Mask. Alfred takes up a support role in helping Dick and the rest of The Network attempt to get Gotham under control. After Damian is wounded by a bullet fired by a renegade Jason Todd, Alfred tends to his wounds, fashions him a Robin suit and sends him out, along with Squire, to find Tim, who had been defeated and captured by Jason.

    After the events of Battle for the Cowl, Dick finally accepts the mantle of Batman and takes Damian on as his Robin. Alfred remains in the same role as he did for Bruce, supporting the new duo both technically and emotionally. Early on in his career as Batman, Dick has massive amounts of self doubt, not thinking he'd be able to live up to the standards Bruce set as Batman. Alfred cleverly suggests that Dick play to his strengths. He reminds Dick that he comes from a family of performers, and should see the mantle of Batman is simply a role. But instead of trying to mimic Bruce's version of Batman, Alfred suggests that Dick make the mantle his own. As with helping Dick, Alfred attempts to help Damian fit into his new role. Initially being stubborn, Damian eventually shows few instances where he allows himself to actually listen to Alfred.

    During Blackest Night, Alfred attempts to deliver flowers to the grave of Bruce Wayne, but finds that the grave has been dug up and desecrated by Black Hand, unbeknownst to him at the time.

    The Return of Bruce Wayne

    Shortly after the events of Blackest Night, Dick Grayson returns the skull of Bruce Wayne that Black Hand had been using, back to Bruce's body, which then resided within the bunker beneath Wayne Tower. Dick eventually takes the body to England in order to dip it into one of the last known Lazarus Pit. Going to check on the body, Alfred finds it missing, and immediately tells Damian, who was left behind due to a spinal injury, about what has happened. The two look through Dick's notes, figuring out his plan to attempt a resurrection of Bruce Wayne. After putting the body into the pit, Dick soon finds that the body was not that of Bruce Wayne's but one of the clones created by Darkseid during Final Crisis. After fighting off Dick along with Batwoman, Knight, and Squire, the clone instinctively flies a plane back to Gotham and confronts Alfred and Damian. The impromptu duo attempt to fight off the Batman clone and survive long enough for Dick and Batwoman to show up and defeat it.

    Realizing that Bruce Wayne's body was never actually recovered, Alfred, Dick, and Damian all come to the conclusion that Tim Drake was right, Bruce Wayne is not dead. Thanks to artifacts and other clues found by Tim, it is discovered that Bruce is actually lost in time thanks to the Omega Sanction Darkseid used on him. Alfred, Dick and Damian then begin to investigate Wayne manor searching for any clues Bruce may have left in the past. While Dick searches a secret wing and cave system of the manor, Alfred researches into the Wayne family past, searching for any anomalies in the family tree. Alfred finds two of interest, a Mordecai Wayne, whose family portrait wasn't uncovered until years after his time, who also bore an exact resemblance to Bruce. The second person of interest Alfred finds an omitted Wayne ancestor who shares Bruce's father's name, Thomas. Alfred finds that the first Thomas Wayne was the "black sheep" of the Wayne family, and generally disregarded in the lineage due to his leading of a satanic cult. Before Alfred can put anymore pieces together, Dr. Hurt's minions invade the Wayne property and attack Damian along with Oberon Sexton in the graveyard, forcing Alfred to help from the Batmobile.

    Road Home and the Final Return?

    When Bruce returned from time and death, he took up the guise of Insider for a short time. As Insider, Bruce only told a handful of his most trusted friends and family that he had officially returned. Alfred was one of those people in the short list. When Bruce Wayne was testing to see if Stephanie Brown, whom was Batgirl, was really ready for the task in the future, she succeeded with flying colors. In Crime Alley, Bruce met up with Alfred and they talked about Stephanie as Batgirl and also Cassandra Cain giving the mantle of Batgirl to Steph. Alfred mentioned that Bruce hadn't looked for Cassandra, but he told Alfred that Cassandra is in Japan and that Tim Drake has been speaking with her in recent days. With that, Bruce disappeared into the shadows and Alfred went back to Wayne Manor.

    When Vicki Vale was getting closer to the truth about, Bruce Wayne being the Batman, Alfred had a conversation with her at the Mansion. However before that occurred, he had Tommy Elliot (who was still in disguise as Bruce Wayne) play the role as billionaire playboy. However when the plan had failed, it only gave Vicki more questions. Alfred eventually took Tommy back to the prison that was specially designed for him. At the mansion, Alfred didn't deny that Bruce Wayne was Batman, and when Alfred gained the chance he swapped Vicki's evidence with a toy. Not knowing what Alfred had done, Alfred knew that his mission was a success as Vicki didn't have any evidence to reveal members of the Bat-family.

    In the end, Vicki Vale became a member of the family and was invited with open arms. Thanks to Bruce, Alfred and other members.

    Alfred of the Future...?

    In Batman #666 where Damian becomes the new Batman after his father is dead, he keeps a cat named Alfred in his penthouse/new Batcave. Like the old Batman, Damian speaks to the cat and talks about his cases to this version of Alfred.


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    Alfred can be described as Batman's confidant and moral compass. He often patches Bruce when he is severely injured. Alfred is most famous for his dry wit and often advising Batman on his personal matters. Alfred's advice has helped Batman out more than once, in an issue of Detective Comics, Alfred figured out a way to defeat a more powerful Doctor Phosphorus: baking soda, which Batman used to defeat Phosphorus. Alfred has also helped other members of the Batman Family during their times of Crisis. He is also the only member of the Batman Family that is allowed to own firearms. And he knows how to use them.

    Powers & Abilities

    You don't get to be Batman's butler/getaway driver/waiter/counselor without expecting him coming home with injuries. Alfred was a former military surgeon and knows his stuff. Through the years Alfred has repaired Bruce's most serious injuries from broken bones to fractured limbs. However, after Batman's back was broken by Bane, Alfred stabilized Bruce's condition due to the severity of Batman's injuries. Alfred's skills have also extended to helping other members of the Batman Family.

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    Alfred is a skilled fighter and still retains those abilities. In The New Adventures of Batman comic book, it is said that Alfred has been kidnapped 27 times and in that issue Alfred was kidnapped, but escaped and defeated his kidnappers without getting dirt or anything else on his suit. Considering his age and lack of superpowers, and also in comparison to the advanced combat training Bruce associates received, Alfred is the only member of the Batman Family who possess the permission of Bruce Wayne to use firearms when facing danger, and in this case, giving preference to his shotgun.

    Character Profile

    Real Name: Alfred Pennyworth

    Occupation: Butler to Bruce Wayne as well as father figure, friend, and First Aid to the Caped Crusader

    Height: 6ft

    Weight: 160 lbs

    Hair: Black

    Eyes: Blue

    Base: Gotham City

    Partnerships: Batman, Nightwing, Batgirl, Robin, Red Robin, Red Hood, Thomas Wayne, Martha Wayne, Lucius Fox, Leslie Thompkins, Spoiler, Black Bat, Azareal, The Outsider

    Teams: Batman Family, Batman Inc., The Outsiders

    Foes: Joker and Scarecrow

    First Appearance: Batman #16 (May 1943)

    Created by: Bob Kane and Jerry Robinson

    Character Appearances


    Ongoing Series

    • 1943-2011: Batman Vol. 1 #0, 16-18, 20-34, 36, 40, 52, 55, 62-64, 67, 68, 70, 73, 74, 81, 83, 85, 87, 92-94, 99, 101, 104-106, 110-112, 114, 117, 120, 124, 125, 127, 128, 131, 135, 140, 141, 145, 147, 148, 150, 151, 154-157, 159, 162, 163, 187-191, 193, 200-202, 205, 208-217, 219, 222, 226-228, 230, 232-236, 240, 247-250, 252-258, 260-264, 266-268, 270-280, 283-285, 287-290, 297-307, 310, 312, 315, 317, 319-323, 325-331, 336-340, 342-356, 358-361, 364, 366-379, 381, 384-388, 390, 394, 395, 401-404, 407, 410-416, 420, 423, 425-428, 431, 434, 434, 437-443, 445, 448-452, 454-457, 459, 462, 465, 467-469, 471, 472, 480, 482, 484, 486-489, 494-500, 506, 512, 521, 523, 525-527, 529, 531, 532, 535-537, 539-541, 543-545, 549, 553, 554, 556, 558, 560-563, 577, 580, 581, 591, 599-601, 605-607, 609-611, 613, 615, 616, 616s, 626, 629, 630, 633-635, 641-645, 647-648, 654-659, 661-663, 665, 672, 673, 676-679, 681-684, 686-691, 693-696, 698, 699, 701-703, 705, 706, 708, 709, 712, 713
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    Based off of TV Shows

    Based off of Games

    New 52

    • 2014-2015: Batman Eternal #1-6, 8-12, 17, 18, 21, 22, 25, 26, 29-34, 36, 45-50. 52


    • 2016-2022: Batman Vol. 3 #1-19, 23, 29, 33, 37, 38, 41, 44, 46, 50, 52-54, 56, 58-61, 63, 64, 68, 71, 75, 77, 83, 84, 95-101, 118, 119, 121
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    • 2016-2021: Nightwing Vol. 4 #5-7, 15, 36, 39, 44, 50, 51, 68, 69, 74, 75, 78, 79

    Alternate Versions

    All-Star Batman and Robin

    In All Star Batman and Robin #4, written by Frank Miller and drawn by Jim Lee, Batman kidnaps a young Dick Grayson after his parents were murdered and verbally abuses him to toughen him up. Alfred was seen in the first issue and has a habit of calling Vicki Vale or any other woman 'Love'. Later, Vicki Vale suffers a car accident while chasing Batman and the police officers who had kidnapped a young Dick Grayson. Alfred patches her up and sends her to a hospital while shirtless himself. Later, he is back in the Batcave, Bruce had denied Dick any food or warm clothes. Bruce tells Dick to eat the rats which live in the cave as he himself had done. Alfred disobeys the orders and provides Dick with one of Bruce Wayne's pajamas and gives him a cheese burger. Batman argues with Alfred and leaves him saying that the brat is going to ruin everything.

    Later, Alfred helps Dick design a new costume, one based on Robin Hood. Dick at first wants to call himself the 'Hood'. Batman disagrees and says that he is Robin. Alfred then redesigns the suit to the classic Robin costume.

    (All Star Batman along with The Dark Knight Returns, The Dark Knight Strikes Again, Holy Terror Batman and Batman Year One is now part of the Multi-verse designated as Earth 32, 'The Dark Knight Universe'.)


    Batman vs Lobo- In this world Alfred is a bit more bulkier. He helps Batman out in a robotic Batman suit by attempting to stall Lobo long enough for Batman. But soon he is overcome by Lobo and in attempts to save himself he is killed.

    Alfred has appeared in all of Batman's Elseworld's tales. Even tough he played little part in some of them, it shows that he is a vital asset to the Batman Family. Alfred's notable appearances include Dracula: Red Rain where he was turned into a vampire by Batman who was bitten by Dracula himself. In Superman/Batman Generations where Batman and Superman had aged since 1939, Alfred's ghost visits Bruce Wayne when he has grown old. Alfred also counseled Batman when Dick left for college and it is also revealed that Alfred was the one who convinced Batman to relinquish his Batman identity when he grew too old and pass it onto Dick Grayson.

    Other Media

    William Austin's Alfred that later went on to influence the character greatly
    William Austin's Alfred that later went on to influence the character greatly

    Batman (1943 serial)

    In the first serial, Alfred was played by William Austin. He set the look of Alfred for all comics and other media since.

    Batman and Robin (1949 serial)

    Eric Wilton played Alfred in the second serial, but went uncredited.

    Batman (1960s TV series)

    In the Batman TV series of the 1960's Alfred was portrayed by Alan Napier. His main purpose was to answer the Bat-phone. He would also assist Batman by actually wearing the bat-suit a couple of times when villans got too close to figuring out Batman's secret identity.

    His biggest moments were in "Pop goes the Joker/Flop goes the Joker". First that Batman used his paintings to stop Joker from stealing far more valuable works of art and second, Joker goes to Wayne Manor to get revenge on Bruce Wayne and Alfred stops him by fencing with a fireplace poker. He also prevents Joker from finding the Bat-cave entrance in the nick of time!

    Alfred portrayed by Alan Napier in the iconic Batman show of the 60's.
    Alfred portrayed by Alan Napier in the iconic Batman show of the 60's.

    His lowest moment was in "Fine Finny Fiends/Batman Makes the Scenes" when the Penguin captured and brainwashed him to find out when the local millionaires were going to hold a big charity event. Batman & Robin undid the brainwashing in the end, but Alfred was still ashamed of himself.

    Season three: Alfred was the only one who knew the secret identities of Batman, Robin, and Batgirl. Batgirl never knew that this mere butler knew Batman & Robin and vice-versa.

    Birds of Prey

    In this TV adaptation Alfred is portrayed by Ian Abercrombie and helps out Barbara and Helena in the Clock Tower every now and again. He does not play a very vital, or big, role in the show except to tie Babs and Helena to Batman.

    Gotham (2014)

    Sean Pertwee on Gotham
    Sean Pertwee on Gotham

    In the FOX television show, Alfred Pennyworth is portrayed by British actor Sean Pertwee.

    Set in the younger years of Bruce Wayne's life, Alfred is a more active presence in training and helping a young Bruce to overcome the death of his parents. While at first resistant to Bruce's obsession with investigating the murders, he eventually makes the decision to help and cultivate Bruce's desire to better himself.


    Batman / Batman Returns / Batman Forever / Batman and Robin

    Michael Gough
    Michael Gough

    In the Tim Burton/ Joel Schumacher movies Alfred was played by British actor Michael Gough, one of only two actors to appear in every film in the series alongside Pat Hingle as James Gordon. He was supposedly related to Barbara Wilson, who became Batgirl in the Batman & Robin movie.

    He never played the big a role in the movies and was mostly just along as a supporting character and to give out a few supportive lines and sarcastic comic relief. Gough also starred in several original commercials as Alfred for sponsored products of the Batman films.

    Batman Begins / The Dark Knight / The Dark Knight Rises

    Michael Caine
    Michael Caine

    In the Christopher Nolan The Dark Knight Trilogy of adaptations, Alfred is played by famed British Actor Michael Caine.

    Portrayed as an ex-british military officer in these adaptions and plays a far more vital role as Bruce Wayne's best friend and co conspirator, as well as occasional comic relief. Alfred is a greater motivator and far more supportive of Bruce's cause, though his need to see Bruce live a normal life takes an emotional toll on him.

    Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice (2016)

    In 2014, it was announced that Alfred would appear in Zack Snyder's sequel to his 2013 film Man of Steel, alongside a cast of characters including Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman and Lex Luthor. Jeremy Irons, Oscar-winning star of Dead Ringers, The Lion King and Reversal of Fortune, will play Alfred.


    Batman The Animated Series (1992)

    In the Animated series Alfred was voiced by Clive Revill for the first four episodes. The job then went to Efrem Zimbalist Jr. for the rest of the original animated series and the subsequent DC Animated Universe cartoons The New Batman Adventures (1997), Superman (1997), Justice League (2003), and Static Shock (2001). Zimbalist also voiced the character in the animated films Mask of the Phantasm (1993), SubZero (1998), and Mystery of the Batwoman (2003).

    The Batman (2004)

    In this cartoon series Alfred is voiced by Alastair Duncan. He also appears in the spin-off film The Batman vs. Dracula (2005), again voiced by Duncan.

    Young Justice (2011)

    Alfred appears in several episodes and is shown to be supportive of Dick Grayson. He is voiced by Jeff Bennett.

    Batman: Year One (2011)

    Alfred appears in the animated film, with Jeff Bennett reprising his role from Young Justice.

    Beware the Batman (2013)

    Alfred will appear as a main character, and will be portrayed as more proactive in aiding Bruce's war on crime, with his military training coming into play. He will be voiced by J.B. Blanc.


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