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    Alflyse is queen of the Dark Elves of the Eastern Spires and of the Svartalfheim realm. She had broken ancient treaties that bound the various Dark Elves sects, building great and fearsome weapons, and when the mighty Thor Asgardian god of thunder is exiled from Asgard, Alflyse decides it is most opportune to strike against the nine realms. Balder the Brave seeks to find a powerful hero to fight against Malekith the Accursed and Alflyse Queen of the Dark Elves, as they can not turn to Thor. Balder seeks out the Greek legend Hercules. Since the Dark Elves are fearful of Thor they decide to dress Hercules as Thor, Hercules himself motivated after seeing an image of Alflyse. Alflyse had also appeared to have provoked the anger of the trolls of Nornheim, who decided to march on her. Hercules masquerading as Thor, who was also with Zeus, who was a child at the time happened to run into these Nornheim trolls and the group decided to form a temporary alliance. Unfortunately along the way Hercules and Zeus would end up fighting with the trolls and defeat them near the hunting grounds of Queen Alflyse, with a number of her dark elf guards standing and watching.

    They would warn Hercules of his intrusion to which Hercules would defend himself by mentioning Alflyse and her beauty. Flattered Alflyse would reveal herself as being among the guard removing her helmut and warmly welcome the pretend Thor and Zeus. Believing himself past danger Hercules would follow Alflyse into her kingdom and question Alflyse of the accusations against her.


    Alflyse is a Marvel comics published character created by writers Greg Pak and Fred Van Lente and artists Reilly Brown and Guillem Mari. The character of Alflyse first appears in Incredible Hercules #132 - The Replacement Thor released in 2009.

    Character Evolution

    Alflyse first appears in a very humorous Incredible Hercules arc, drawing upon much of the Norse mythology surrounding Svartálfar/Svartalfheim and Dökkálfar or the Dark Elves. The character a queen holds a high position among her people, and she is originally portrayed as an antagonist, but not the first dark elf antagonist in Marvel stories, Malekith the accursed for example having been Marvels most notorious dark elf character. Incidentally Malekith would also play an important role in Alflyse's first arc.

    Much of the entire Hercules run by Greg Pak and Fred Van Lente would be marked by a consistent infusion of light hearted humor so Alflyse was also infused with a degree of light hearted humor. However later on in her appearances things would get a bit darker when the character would appear under Jason Aaron's Thor God of Thunder run with a much darker tone.

    Major Story Arcs



    Queen Alflyse denies the allegations Hercules and Zeus offer that she broke ancient treaties or plans to march on either Earth or Asgard, and explains how she is choosing a much less aggressive path than her predecessor Malekith. Hercules and Zeus are still unaware that Malekith has actually been manipulating them the whole time including masquerading as Balder when he asked for Hercules assistance. Alflyse turns the tables on Hercules and Zeus calling into question how honest and sincere they are, to which she calls them to challenges to prove their veracity. Alflyse allows her dark elf archers to keep their bow and arrows steady on Hercules and Zeus, before deeming the start of the first challenge, one of strength. Hercules would seemingly be crushed by a giant anvil before smashing it passing his first test. A second test involving quick wit and intelligence would test Hercules who would cheat and reason that to change the rules of an unbeatable game was the smarter thing to do.

    Alflyse who seemed to be growing fonder and more smitten of 'Thor' by the moment, didn't seem to mind this evasion and called forth the third and final challenge. Hercules would be attacked by multiple foes during which Alflyse would hike up her dress and flash some leg causing Hercules to ogle her, losing the challenge, Alflyse would declare him the winner anyway and start flirting with him amorously.

    March on Asgard and Midgard

    Alflyse had seduced Hercules (still pretending to be Thor) and he had unwittingly entered a marriage ritual and was now king to Alflyse's queen. Whilst Alflyse had been preoccupying Hercules, Zeus still in his child form had been studying about the real Thor finding himself impressed by the stories and exploits of the Asgardian hero. Hercules would awake the next morning to find that Alflyse had assembled a mighty army of Dark Elves, filled with dark elf archers, soldiers, warriors, even dark elves mounted on giant dragons and flying dragons. Alflyse would compliment Hercules and announce that with him they would march on Midgard and Asgard to claim his rightful throne on both worlds. Incidentally the Warriors Three aware that it was Malekith manipulating Hercules to pretend to be Thor would note although Alflyse was a problem that needed to be addressed she would make a better ruler of the Dark Elves than Malekith and so set in plan an idea to send in the actual Thor as Hercules to prevent the invasion of Midgard and Asgard by defeating the impostor Thor, Hercules.

    Hercu-Thor versus Thor-cules

    As Queen Alflyse marches her massive army towards a portal to transport them to Asgard Hercules desperately tries to stall the advancing army, knowing full well that he is not Thor nor would it be wise to pretend so in an all out assault on Asgard. Begging his father Zeus to create some sort of storm diversion he finds Zeus would refuse. Hercules would think Zeus had complied when thunder crackled in the sky but instead he would learn that it actually heralded his friendly rival Thor, who was now dressed as Hercules. Accompanied by Warriors Three Thor interrupts the dark elf march. Queen Alflyse chastises Thor invoking the right of Hercules (masquerading as Thor) to challenge rightfully for his birthright role as ruler of Asgard. Warriors Three member Fandral would point out this as correct and accurate but that they also had the right to present a challenger that "Thor" must defat in order to claim his right to rule, and thus nominate Hercules (actually Thor) for Hercules to fight. Alflyse would champion Thor's prowess, to the annoyance of Hercules who realizes that if he beats Thor, his own reputation suffers but if he loses, he loses. The two despite being friends start brawling in a fight to be championed for the ages.

    The Truth Revealed

    Malekith would observe this epic physical brawl between Thor and Hercules. his crone weary their deception may be unraveled. After much punching, kicking, nipple pulling and wedgies the fight between Thor (pretending to be Hercules) and Hercules (pretending to be Thor) would be over with Thor the agreed upon winner as to halt the march of the dark elves. Whilst Thor and Hercules rest Malekith makes his entrance with the powerful dark elf Grendel. Zeus despite his immature form quickly kills the giant dark elf asserting his power and place as Zeus of all Greeks. Queen Alflyse notices this declaration and realizes that Hercules had deceived her. Despite being angry and incensed by his lie that almost led her to start a meaningless war for a right that was not his, she softens and flirts with Hercules and compliments his foolishness. Unfortunately some time later Hercules would fall in battle, Queen Alflyse would gather with many of Hercules allies, friends and lovers to celebrate the heroes life and mourn his death. Alflyse would even speak at the gathering, paying compliment to there Olympian.

    The Accursed

    More misfortune would be fall Queen Alflyse in time to come. After Malekith the Accursed failure to usurp her position as ruler of the Dark Elves, he would be imprisoned in Niffleheim in the Hall of Nastrond, a prison for the most fearsome and threatening of the dead and occasionally in rare instances the living like Malekith. A clan of determined and stubborn Dark Elf warriors unhappy with Alflyse's rule would make the dangerous trek to Nastrond in Niffleheim to free Malekith the Accursed. Their loyalty and dedication to him incredible and inspiring almost all of them would perish in rescuing their liege. They would eventually succeed in releasing Malekith but only Scumtongue would survive the rescue attempt. Malekith's first course of action once free would be to build his forces and terrorize his native land of Svartalfheim. He and new allies would kill and slaughter many dark elves, and is number would grow with dark elves respecting Malekith's aggressive violent terrorism. His new actions earning the designation of the Svartalfheim Massacre. Queen Alflyse would be forced to find refuge with dwarves in Nidavellir. Unfortunately Malekith would track her down and kill her guards and leave them and Alflyse dead and decapitated with their heads impaled on stakes.

    Powers and Abilities

    Alflyse as a dark elf possesses superhuman strength that allows her to lift approximately 30 tons, she has superhuman durability that allows her to resist common injury and disease, superhuman speed that allows her to run faster than even the fastest human athletes, and agility and she is a capable and skilled fight, whether by hand to hand or with various weapons, particularly bows and arrows, daggers and swords. Like all Dark Elves, she is immortal but she can be killed by physical injury. Alflyse has superior physiology to humans due to her dark elf heritage, her tissues, bone and muscle are considerably denser by a factor of three, allowing greater resistance to blunt force trauma, every blasts and bullets and projectiles. Alflyse possesses enhanced stamina as well allowing her to function and exert herself for greater periods before succumbing to fatigue. Alflyse possesses a healing factor that can allow her to recuperate from various injuries to greater degree than normal.

    Physical Characteristics

    • Gender: Female
    • Skin: Blue
    • Hair: Black
    • Eyes: Blue

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