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    Alfie O'Meagan was born in Earth-8908 along with John Doe. Both were believed orphans, and they were each other’s only friends, growing up during the 1960s. While John seemed normal enough, Alfie was manifesting visions of the possible futures to which he referred as “could-be’s”. Alfie soon learned how to project his vision to others. However, that was only the first of a long series of abilities to manifest. Remote vision; things that shouldn’t happen, did, and then anything he wanted manifested. The CIA learned of him and sought to exploit his growing power. CIA agents posing as the O’Meagans, a married farming couple, adopted him and gave him the last name O’Meagan. The CIA subsequently faked Alfie's foster parents' death when he was 15, and when he became hysterical upon learning of their "demise," John was sent for; unfortunately Alfie inadvertently brought zombies (animated by future Alfie) back in time, and they slew John. Alfie resurrected a facsimile of John, then entered a self-induced coma for a decade.

    Alfie emerged from his coma in the mid-1980s, by which time "John" had become a top assassin. Alfie disabled the world's nuclear arsenals, but conventional war broke out almost immediately, triggering World War III. John, who had been imprisoned in Russia, escaped and was asked by the CIA to slay Alfie, who monitored John's progress through the Asian war zone on a television set. Once he even manifested an enormous hand from the dirt to block a handful of bullets for his friend, and later, after a failed attack on him by the US army, he grew in size and took residence in the Lincoln Memorial. With violence having failed, the CIA sent in psychiatrist Dr. Goodstroke to try psychology. Instead, Alfie turned himself into a look-a-like of Galactus and transformed Dr. Goodstroke into a female Silver Surfer, declaring her his herald. While tormenting John via his TV set, Alfie's "channel" inadvertently got crossed with the one being watched by Earth-616 reality warper Jamie Braddock on his similar TV, causing John and Vavara Novikova to briefly switch places in the Earth-616 reality with Nightcrawler and Rachel Summers. Rachel soon came into conflict with him, summoning the entire Phoenix Force and concentrated it into one ferocious blast that left Alfie on his knees, but Nightcrawler managed to press "Cancel" on Alfie’s giant remote control, sending the four displaced invididuals to their respective home realities. When the Soviet Union launched biological weapons, Alfie tried to stop them, but with his attention split, he inadvertently turned them into a mutagenic virus, ultimately transforming millions into psychotic, cannibalistic “moots”.

    The CIA confronted Alfie with the O'Meagans, hoping they might be able to control him, but Alfie, feeling betrayed, destroyed them and considered destroying Earth too until Goodstroke played on his childish sensibilities and convinced him to "spread enlightenment" amongst the starts. Using the Lincoln Memorial, he moved on to the stars to offer his “help” to others. While he searched he came across the world of the Borborgym.

    The Borborgym possessed a powerful artifact, that they referred to as the “Arrrgh”, that gave immediate omniscience to anyone who touched it. Whoever touched it would then leap to their deaths, screaming “Arrrgh”, thus explaining the unusual name. As Alfie was shown the spherical device, a member of the Borborgym decided to touch it, saying he had spent thousands of years trying to discover the meaning of life and was sick of doing it the hard way. Touching the sphere, he said the word “M'Gubgub”. The planet was instantaneously evacuated, further confusing Alfie. As he waited on the deserted planet, a gigantic being arrived, so immense that he dwarfed the planet. Alfie attempted to increase his own mass to meet this newcomer’s, but was incapable of making it even halfway.

    This being then told Alfie that there were things he couldn’t even begin to imagine; but when Alfie addressed him as M'Gubgub, the immense being fled in fright, as Alfie had been mistaken - the being was not M'Gubgub. A giant hand then appeared behind Alfie, larger than several solar systems - the true M'Gubgub. Alfie tried everything, even attempting to befriend M'Gubgub, but M'Gubgub looked into the nature of Alfie’s powers and sensed he was a temporal anomaly, the kind of entity M'Gubgub existed to destroy. Alfie fled, trying initially to lead M'Gubgub away from Earth, which he rightly believed M'Gubgub would also seek to destroy as the source of the anomaly, and then, finally, after a year of being pursued, returned to Earth hoping that John Doe might be able to stop M'Gubgub, but failed and instead teleported to Earth.

    Once there he informed John Doe that he was the only hope left for Earth, empowering John with a fraction of his own power like he had done with Candy Goodstroke. John used his own power, the ability to invert an individual's perception of gravity, now greatly magnified, and collapsed M'Gubgub's mass in on himself, freeing Earth from his danger. Now aware that he and Alfie were living in a timeloop, John used his new powers to open a portal back to 1959, dragging an unwilling Alfie back in time, where they both reverted to infancy and were handed into the care of the orphanage they had grown up in.


    Dr. Goodstroke referred to Alfie as a hyper-human. As a kid he could see alternate futures and make others see it, and as he aged his powers grew and manifested new ones. He developed remote vision, allowing him to monitor John and others by a TV screen that was an extension of his power, and even allowed him to control random effects by a remote control. He had mind control abilities, telepathy and a powerful telekinesis that allowed him to move atoms and re-arrange molecules. While his mind was fractured, he tried to change powerful missiles into harmless objects; but ended mutating most of humankind into cannibalistic creatures.

    While he can alter his size, he seems to have a maximum size of around 3000 miles. He can empower others with a fraction of his own energies, enhancing any already existing abilities, and gaining a handful of random powers.


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