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    The wielder of the book of fairy tales before Sela.

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    The demon known as Orcus controlled a realm which he ruled alongside his evil goddess wife. They were relatively indifferent rulers, except the wife liked to interfere in the lives of the locals. One farmer on the verge of starvation begged for some relief and she appeared. She offered him bountiful harvest as long as he gave her one flower per year every year for seven years. When she returned to finally collect it became evident that she meant in fact one of his daughters, all of whom were sacrificed to add power to Orcus' own. When the time came to collect the seventh, the queen did not show, and the farmer thought she might not, but eventually she did. Before the daughter was fully killed a knight visited the farmer and heard of his plight. That knight was Shang. He rode to the castle to free the last daughter and was aided by seven ravens. These ravens contained the souls of the daughters. Against strong odds, he bested the two and the daughters were returned to life. The youngest daughter was given to him as a bride for his heroic effort. This daughter was Alexxa.

    At some later point she came into possession of the book.


    Her first appearance was in Grimm Fairy Tales #42.

    Major Story Arcs

    The evil witch Baba Yaga lived in a house in a forest where she lay in wait and laid traps for humans, so that she could eat them. Her favourite prey were children, but with none often available she ate instead the heroes and champions who sought to slay her. She would then take their bones and create a fence from them. She would later decide that she had only one champion left to vanquish, Alexxa. She is hunted down by the Black, White and Red Knights of Baba Yaga, but fights back with the aid of characters from her book. Baba Yaga counter attacks and Alexxa only has time to return to her house and tell Shang that Baba Yaga is back. He informs her to pass the book on the next bearer, which is Sela.

    Powers and Abilities

    As a wielder of the book she contains all the power stored within.


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