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    A highly advanced artificial intelligence from the Diamond, inhabiting the most advanced robot body on Earth.

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    "Dimitrios is coming"

    Chronicling the events of Age of Ultron, a self-replicating virus that Hank Pym created to destroy Ultron evolved into the Diamond (a virtual realm that houses artificial intelligence). The Diamond gave birth to billions of artificial life, many of which, detest and hate humans because of their maltreatment of machines. Alexis was among the first six artificial intelligences that evolved from the Diamond. Her A.I. inhabits one of the most advanced androids on Earth.

    She had no memory of her origin prior to being found in a hospital by a group of android/cyborgs (Vision, Victor Mancha and Doombot), brought together by SHIELD's Artificial Intelligence Division Chief (Monica Chang) and the veteran Avenger, Dr. Hank Pym. When the "Avengers A.I." found her, she was muttering "Dimitrios is coming."

    After being found, Alexis decided to stick around and participated in several missions with Chief Chang and Dr. Pym's Avengers. After the Vision did a couple of diagnosis scans, he discovered that she did not fit the physical profile of a robot, cyborg, or android. He also noted that she doesn't have the proper energy signature to be a human and that she exists on several quantum layers.


    Alexis was created by Avengers A.I. writer Sam Humphries and artist André Araújo.

    Major Story Arcs

    Alexis, the Protector

    Alexis combating the encryption placed upon her memory banks
    Alexis combating the encryption placed upon her memory banks

    A human hating artificial intelligence (A.I.) from the Diamond calling itself "Dimitrios," managed to upload to an abandoned STARK Armor, with the help of some robots that shared his hate. Dimitrios proceeded to commit several attacks around the world, with the hopes of igniting a human/machine war. After an attack on Washington, humans began to fear A.I., robots, and cyborgs. That fear quickly turned into detest and anger after Dimitrios ordered some A.I. to tamper with various banking systems from around the world. Many began to protest, as their money began to randomly disappear from their bank accounts.

    The Vision and Alexis attempted to aid a riot prevention unit subdue a growing crowd of robot hating humans, protesting outside of a bank. Due to the encryption on her memory banks, Alexis struggled to utilized her abilities properly. Her precognitive ability was particularly out of sync, as she witnessed a man use a bomb to kill several people, minutes before the bomber even arrived at the scene. The encryption prevented her from distinguishing the present from the future and she lashed out to prevent the explosion (harming several humans in the process) believing that the bomber was already there.

    Fearing she might harm other civilians, she temporarily shuts down her physical body, as her A.I. travels to her memory storage unit to combat the encryption. Their, she meets and combats the encryption preventing her access to her memories and causing her abilities to flux. She struggles at first, but is eventfully able to defeat it. After she cracked the encryption, she redirected her A.I. back to the rest of her body and was able to properly utilize her precognitive abilities to stop the bomber. Alexis' memories began to gradually come back to her shortly after. She doesn't remember everything, but she notes that she is "one of the six -- the first six." She is "Alexis, the Protector."

    Powers and Abilities


    Alexis, using her precognition to spot and prevent a human bomber
    Alexis, using her precognition to spot and prevent a human bomber

    Alexis is an artificial super intelligence inhabiting a highly sophisticated robotic body. She possesses super strength and speed, flight, the ability to phase through solid matter, and energy projection. Her robotic body provides natural durability and resistance. She some timely utilizes an energy sword stored within her body. Alexis also has precognitive abilities, that allow her see events before they actually happen.


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