Alexandra Dewitt

    Character » Alexandra Dewitt appears in 47 issues.

    Alexandra DeWitt was a photojournalist and the girlfriend of Kyle Rayner, she was killed by Major Force. Later she returned to the DC Universe as a Green Lantern, but she had to return to her universe. She recently appeared as a Black Lantern.

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    Little to nothing is known of her early life except she grew up with a mother and father and a sister who was never specified to be older or younger. She eventually developed an interest in photography and left home to pursue her dream. Some time later she met and fell in love with a fledgling artist known as Kyle Rayner. Both of them where the proverbial yin to each others yang. The irresponsible Kyle tempered the more level headed and mature Alex. They decided to head to L.A to get both their career launched. They spend allot of time on the beach gathering ideas and thoughts on one such night they witnessed a green star ascending from the planet, thinking it good luck she told Kyle to make a wish on it.

    After this they had a falling out of sorts when Kyle did something stupid. They were separated for a good week until one night Kyle Rayner, showed her that he'd been given a Green Lantern power ring. Knowing Kyle she decided to take him back to keep an eye on him and keep him out of trouble.

    He was forced to sleep on the couch though making him more like a roommate than a boyfriend until they could sort out what to do. Alex began covering Kyle's exploits while he learned how to use his power ring and was instrumental in helping him train his mind in the art of creating constructs. She also instilled in him that with all this power he must be responsible.


    Alexandra Dewitt was created by Ron Marz and Darryl Banks


    Alex's death coined the comic book term: Women in Refrigerators.

    Character Evolution

    Modern Age / New Earth

    New Earth - Alex Dewitt
    New Earth - Alex Dewitt

    Alex's death was a defining moment in Kyle's early career. The two where once again a couple and Kyle had actually bought her an engagement ring. Kyle has never forgotten her and was unable to attend her funeral as the events of Zero Hour occurred and he then spent some time traveling through space returning home. Kyle has never forgiven himself for Alex's death and it haunts him to this day.

    New 52 / Earth-One

    New 52 - Alex Dewitt
    New 52 - Alex Dewitt

    With the recon in DC's New 52, Alexandra is seen in several flashbacks. Kyle never told her he loved her and this seems to be an emotional stumbling block for him to control the 7 different colors of the emotional spectrum.

    Major Story Arcs

    Modern Age / New Earth:

    The Fame

    Alex and Kyle
    Alex and Kyle

    The exposure she got for covering Kyle's exploits made the both of them famous but made Alex a target. A group known as the Consortium had acquired a slab of green substance from a bum that had witnessed Kyle acquire the ring. They killed the bum and sent Major Force to acquire the ring. As they did not know the identity of the Green Lantern they attempted to get to him through the photographer that seemed to be getting the exclusive pictures (Alex).

    Alex witnessed superman save Kyle from Mongul and over time they grew close again. Kyle was more responsible and maturing well. One night they came back from dinner and Kyle flew her home, that night they resumed their relationship full throttle. After that she told him to go save Los Angeles when they heard the strange happenings on the news, despite Kyle not wanting to leave she urged him to be a hero and thus she was left alone, though she promised him a surprise when he came back.

    The Death of Alex by Major Force

    Major Force Kills Ales
    Major Force Kills Ales

    Major Force arrived at Alex's apartment as she watched TV and while Kyle was out. When Alex tried to flee she only irritated Major Force, she tried to defend herself with a kitchen knife but when she refused to give him the information he desired he choked/strangled her to death. Major Force then mangled her dead and lifeless body and stuffed it into the refrigerator as a surprise for Kyle. (this gruesome death as well as the desecration of her corps led to the term Women in Refrigerators.)

    Her body was taken away by the feds after kyle fled. She was buried while kyle was off being a hero during zero hour and spending time lost in space. Alex had a sister who has never forgiven Kyle for not being at the funeral.

    Post-humous Appearances

    As a Green Lantern
    As a Green Lantern

    Whenever Kyle is in a dire situation she often appears to him. She appeared as a construct when he fought Oblivion during the Circle of Fire storyline and when he became Ion for the second time she appeared to him again to encourage.

    During the Ion: Guardian of the Universe series, Alex appears as one of the images Kyle sees while Mogo, dealing with what he is becoming as Ion.

    In her alternate world she was the one that was chosen to be the Green Lantern instead of Kyle (he was killed by Major Force). Alex and Kyle reconnected their love, but she had to return to her universe.

    Blackest Night

    During the Blackest Night, she was turned into a BlackLantern and sent to attack Kyle. She was driven back with the rest of the Black Lantern Corps and eventually returned to death once Nekron was defeated.

    New 52 / Earth-One:

    Rise of the Third Army

    Kyle and Alex reunited due to the interference of the First Lantern.
    Kyle and Alex reunited due to the interference of the First Lantern.

    Following the events of the Rise of the Third Army, Kyle finds himself back on Earth in his apartment. He is forced to live through a number of events in his life, all of which have instilled him with feelings of regret. He first has to face Alex DeWitt and then returns to a childhood event and then must face Guy Gardner after the death of Hal Jordan. This is all a test by the First Lantern who aims to see what drives Kyle to do what he does.


    Powers and Abilities

    Black Lantern Ring

    As member of Black Lanterns, Alex's ring retains all her abilities and memories prior to her death. The Black Lantern Ring allows the user to see the emotional state of others as an aura of color. The ring charged itself by ripping out the hearts of their victims and absorbing the energy from the heart.


    Alex Dewitt
    Alex Dewitt

    Citizenship : United States

    Marital Status: In relationship with Kyle Rayner

    Occupation: Photographer

    • Height: 5'7"
    • Weight: 130 lbs
    • Eyes: Blue green
    • Hair: Orange (considered a red head)

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