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Major Story Arcs

Four Devils, One Hell

Alexander is an old man, more or less retired from his life as a Grendel warrior, although he likes to reminisce about his old days of battle. He is friends with the younger Grendel Gloria DeVere, who works as an art curator in the service of the Khan. She wants a more exciting life, like Alexander had, and leaves their quiet house on the shore in England to search for the long-lost Mona Lisa. He takes care of her art horde in her absence. She still feels strongly about their friendship, and keeps his cautious advice in mind as she explores North America. She writes back to him often before she is killed.

Devil in Our Midst

After learning of Gloria's death, Alexander leaves for a remote post in Antarctica named Ice Station Hellman. He doesn't tell anyone about his past as a Grendel. Some of the others, particularly Drake, pick on him for his age, weight, and lack of confidence, but the station head, Caroline, likes and supports him. He eventually becoming in charge of their communications and technology.

However, UNOW, the world's government, stops communication with the team and they begin to wonder whether they are being left to die.

A mysterious Grendel named Jonah shows up out of nowhere, and at the same time, the scientists start to die from a strange condition in which they quickly go mad, start bleeding from their eyes, and then burst from the inside out in an explosion of blood. Some of the scientists, led by Drake, believe that the disease is an infection and that Jonah is the host, and plot against him.

Alexander, however, feels loyalty to Jonah as a mutual Grendel, and tries to help him when he can. When an earthquake strikes, Alexander is part of the team that rescues the scientists that are trapped by the barrels of toxic waste in the dump that they oversee. He is also part of the team that investigates the source of the earthquakes, which turns out to be a giant monster moving around under the ice.

Drake's mutinous team of scientists capture and crucify Jonah, but Alexander finds him. He cleverly leads a pack of ravenous mutant dogs off a cliff to save Jonah, then calls Caroline so they can take him down. Alexander finally admits to his past as a Grendel.

Back at the base, Alexander is the one who finally figures out that the strange explosive condition is caused by the toxic waster, not by an infection. However, Drake has been exposed and goes mad. He attacks the crew, but Alexander fights back impressively, remembering his training. He pulls out a sword that Gloria gave him and tries to kill Drake, but Drake manages to stab Alexander in the throat. Caroline shoots Drake. Alexander dies from his wounds, once again a proud warrior.


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