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Alexander Staunton was one of the Court of Owls designated assassins known as The Talons in the 1850s. Where Talons are usually supposed to be quite, secret assassins, the Court of Owls found Staunton's methods to be loud, brash, with "all the stealth of cannon fire." It was because of of Staunton's methods, he was "retired" by the Court early, kept within the crypt of their maze beneath Gotham City.


Alexander Staunton was created by Batwing writer Judd Winick for The Night of the Owls cross over, and was designed by Batman artist Greg Capullo.

Major Story Arcs

Night of the Owls

Staunton was resurrected by the Court of Owls when they decided to attack Gotham in an attempt to take back the city. Each Talon was assigned to assassinate a key figure within Gotham. Staunton would attack Lucius Fox at an event held for diplomats in honor of Batman Incorporated, where Batwing would fend off his attack.


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