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Powers and Abilities

Alexander Gaidar is one of the One Shadow Nine Fists in Yami and as such is an Elite Master Class Fighter. He is a former Russian Colonel and a martial artist of Commando Sambo. Alexander is a highly respected among his men and his nickname is the Fist of Destruction. Alexander is prone to fits of rage and will destroy anything in his path during these fits. Alexander is strong enough to easily break handcuffs and even throw large piles of re bar like softballs. Alexander can sculpt stone with only his hands alone. His speed is also impressive as he can move faster than the naked eye allowing him to infiltrate without his presence being detected. Alexander has a keen tactical midn and isn't above absorbing new ideas to benefit himself. He copies one of Akisame Koetsuji's techniques after seeing it once and is teaching Boris Ivanov in a diffrent mindset of fighting since he is a Sei-type fighter while Alexander is a Dou-type, meaning he loses himself to anger and emotion in order to fuel his attacks.


  • Sagi Ivy Listen - The Sambo version of Akisame Koetsuji's technique where Alexander tries to throw off his opponent by making it look like his center of gravity is lower by wearing long pants. This means the user can surprise the opponent and attack any blind angles in the opponents defense. Any move that is off can lead into being thrown.
  • Sverkajuscaja Molnija V Ogromnom Cholode - A High level technique where Alexander tries to through the opponent from a high distance to the ground after spinning them in the air.
  • Parad Dvigatsa Smierti - A suicidal technique where the user charges forward in an attack stance with no regard for their life whatsoever, taking any damage in an attempt to take down the opponent as well.

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