Alexander Bont

    Character » Alexander Bont appears in 11 issues.

    Alexander Bont was the first Kingpin of Hells Kitchen.

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    Long before he was the Kingpin; Bont made a name for himself as a ruthless mobster. Early in his career, he arranged a meeting with the Nazis, and while collecting payment, the crime-fighter detective known as the Angel interrupted the meeting. Bont barely escaped. He would later kill a hero known as the Defender. This act made him rise up through the ranks until he became the head crime boss.

    Bont ordered a hit on Jack Murdock, but was stopped by Daredevil and arrested. He got out on bail and sought out the help of the Gladiator. He ordered the Gladiator to kill Daredevil, but the Gladiator was defeated. Bont would go to jail again due to the incident and was set free at a bitter old age.

    He sought his revenge again by blackmailing the Gladiator by using his daughter that he never met as leveage and knowing the true identity of Daredevil was Matt Murdock. He took the Mutant Growth Hormone and beat up Daredevil until he died when his heart exploded due to the overdose of the Mutant Growth Hormone. 

    Powers and Abilities

     Bont had no super human powers, but he occasionally used Mutant Growth Hormone, which increased his speed and strength temporarily while giving off a green glow from his eyes.

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