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Alex is a former spy trained by both Nebo and the C.I.A

After the events involving her sister Charlemagne, she was capture by the Russian operatives and later rescued by Wolverine and Spider-man.

After her rescue, she stayed with both Spider-man and Wolverine, were she would watch Spider-man being trained by Nebo and become close with Spider-man to the extent were he would reveal his identity to her.

After a while in order to protect her further, along with Peter and Wolverine, they would begin to take the offensive as well as to erase all records of her.

During one of their missions to erase Alexs' records, they found themselves caught in an ambush, setup by Russian operatives. While they retaliating S.H.I.E.L.D would arrive and have the attacker drop theirs. After a little negotiation it was later discovered that Peter set this all up, in order to guarantee Alexs' safety by having S.H.I.E.L.D had over Nebo to the Russians if they forgot about Alex and the others, it worked.

With her safety now guaranteed, she along with Peter and Wolverine went out and began to make the world a safer place.


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