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    A wrestler born in New York, Alex enters the World Warrior tournament to avenge his mentor and father figure, who got badly hurt by Gill. After that, he went on to hone his skills and find worthy opponents.

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    Alex originated in the Street Fighter 3 series, and appears in the Street Fighter 3 comic books by Udon.

    Video Game Appearances

    Street Fighter III: New Generation

    Street Fighter III: Double Impact

    Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike

    Tatsunoko vs Capcom: Cross Generation of Heroes

    Tatsunoko vs Capcom: Ultimate All Stars


    Alex is a young man from Manhattan, New York, who was raised by his late father's friend, Tom. Alex trains daily at Tom's gym, where he learned everything he knows about fighting with Tom himself. In the Udon Comics, it is known that Alex actually descends from an Illuminati renegade sect, and his genes mark him as a potential Messiah for the organization, alongside the other candidates Gill and Urien (it is not known if this is the case for the main game series as well).

    Street Fighter III

    New Generation/2nd Impact

    One day, Alex decides to enter the third World Warrior tournament, because its sponsor, Gill, has beaten his father figure to a bloody pulp. Although Tom himself said that Gill won fairly, he allowed Alex to go. Beating every step of the tournament, he reaches the Finals and faces Gill himself. Alex manages to defeat Gill, but did not get a chance to kill him, so he goes back home to greet a fully recovered Tom. Meanwhile, Gill notices something special about Alex.

    3rd Strike

    Not having thoughts of revenge anymore, Alex goes on to face other warriors. He eventually meets Ryu, who grants him a fight; however, Alex is unable to counter any of Ryu's blows. Ryu, seeing great potential on the young wrestler, encourages him to carry on with his training. Since then, Alex has become obsessed with finding Ryu again. He eventually gets a new chance of facing Ryu, with the outcome of said encounter being unknown.

    Street Fighter V


    Alex is seen in the streets of New York, repairing his trailer car, as Patricia arrives to give him a basket full of sandwiches and an invitation mail. After she leaves, Alex falls asleep, unaware that is being watched by two Shadaloo soldiers.

    Alex wakes up in unfamiliar surrondings, as the voice of F.A.N.G informs him that is being the guinea pig to some experiments in the lab. As various simulations appear before him, some of them being simulations of Dan Hibiki, Honda and Hakan, Alex manages to defeat him all.

    When Alex says he's done with the experiment, F.A.N.G reveals that he was actually kidnapped to conduct experiments, while invoking a projection of Birdie. Alex defeats said projection and tries to looks for an exit, with no success; F.A.N.G then brings a projection of Chun-Li. Yet again, Alex defeats it, but he gets increasingly frustrated, demanding to leave; F.A.N.G's response was to bring a final projection of Ryu. In the scuffle, Ryu's projection scratches Alex's face with a single punch, but Alex retaliates with a single power bomb that knocks out the projection and manages to create fissures within the lab. In a panic, F.A.N.G demands that they take Alex out of the facilities, as a gas enters the lab and causes Alex to become drowzy.

    Alex then wakes up, noticing that he's back on the trailer car, disregarding what happened as a dream; Patricia greets him. asking him about Tom's invitation and giving an envelope containing a chess piece. Patricia notices a scratch on his face. Alex looks himself at the mirror, and starts piecing together the events, wondering if those events were, in fact, a dream.

    Story Mode

    Alex is first seen at the Story Mode in a wrestling tournament; he manages to defeat a contender with a single Flash Chop, posing victoriously to the crowd. Shortly after, he appears with the trophy at his hand, while the announcer talks about the next battle involving Alex and his opponents, which happen to be Zangief and Rainbow Mika. Alex's tag partner appears in the ring, taking the microphone out of the announcer's hand: that woman happens to be Laura Matsuda, asking for cheers from the crowd, as the battle was about to happen. However, the Black Moons incident causes the match to be cancelled.

    Later, Alex is seen repairing his trailer car. He gets surprised with the sudden appearance of Dhalsim, who asks him for something. However, Alex mistakes the yoga master for a mugger, and despite Dhalsim wanting to correct it, Alex is ready for a fight. Alex defeats Dhalsim, but after Dhalsim gets on his feet, he admits not being a mugger, as he is only there to ask Alex for a chess piece that was given to him. After Alex hands over the piece, Dhalsim thanks the young wrestler and before teleporting away, he advises Alex that when the time has come to seek for answers, that he must set his eyes to the world.


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