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Computer Geek
Computer Geek

Alex was the original person who stumbled upon the secret passageway that uncovered the double identities of their parents as the super villain group The Pride and subsequently led to the formation of The Runaways. Under his guidance and leadership, the ragtag group of teenage superhero wannabes managed to thwart practically everything that their parents threw their way including the interference of local law enforcement, as well as a small group of vampires they stumbled upon as they were holding up the local Circle A. Alex was also the only member of the group who did not adopt a superhero moniker stating that he would rather fight to redeem his family name than hide under the guise of a pseudonym. Although Alex did not have any super powers or technological devices, he was an incredibly gifted tactician, which was recognized by his father and by his internet friends who accused him of being older than he actually was because of his intelligence.


Alex Wilder was created by Brian K. Vaughan and Adrian Alphona and first appeared in Runaways #1 (2003).

Major Story Arcs

A change for the Worse

First Kiss
First Kiss

During the Runaways raid on the Giborrim's lair, it was revealed that Alex was working as a mole for The Pride of his own volition. Alex’s identity as the mole was not known, even to The Pride, until he decided to reveal himself and his true intentions. During the battle, all of the other Runaways are sent out of action except for Alex and Karolina. Alex then shows his true colors and knocks her unconsious. He then awakes Nico, who has been frozen by magic, and offers her and her parents to join him and his family as the six of the Pride chosen to live. She refuses, attacking Alex. The Giborrim, disturbed by their lack of sacrifice, incinerate Alex, who admits he is to blame. Nico and the other Runaways then succeed in escaping the lair in the Leapfrog, leaving Alex's remains.

He developed feelings for and begun a shaky romance with Nico Minoru early on that was tested time and time again until his death. It was later revealed that Nico tried to revive Alex by using the Staff of One, but failed.


Finders Keepers
Finders Keepers

Alex is probably the only member of The Runaways who did not have any overt powers, just his mental gift with tactics. While Chase had his Fistigons, and Gert had Old Lace, Alex's only real ability was his natural talent for leadership and his intelligence as he has managed to lead the group and keep them together against enemies who were out of their league, including their own parents. At the time of his betrayal, it was his intelligence that allowed him control; over Nico's Staff of One, Chase's Fistigons and Old Lace. During his betrayal, he attempted to convince Nico to join him in his betrayal by rationalizing all of his actions, but she gave a curt refusal with a punch in the face.

The New Pride

Through means that have yet to be explained, Alex Wilder resurfaced in Harlem with the purpose of reviving his father's work. He initially recruits Dontrell "Cockroach" Hamilton to join his cause. Soon, Black Mariah comes to join him after Jennie Royce and she escaped Ryker's Island.

In Other Media



Alex appears as one of the main characters in the live-action series, played by Rhenzy Feliz.

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