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    Character » Alex Ultron appears in 22 issues.

    Alex Ultron was constructed using the 16.0 version of the original Ultron's programming to create his own artificial intelligence. Alex is also Natalie X's boyfriend and a member of the Fantastic Force.

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    Brief History

    Alex Ultron was created from the original Ultron's programming. While Alex gained sentience, he did not have the maliciousness of his predecessors. Hailing from an alternate future in which the Earth is dying, Alex joined the New Defenders to try to solve the problem. He is one of only seven who survived the capture of Galactus. He has had a relationship with Psionics and more currently, Natalie X, whom he shares a close bond with.  
    Traveling back in time to implement their plans, Alex helped capture Doctor Doom and the Human Torch to help power their Galactus Engine, which would transport all the remaining survivors in the future to the past and save them. 
    Their plans were interfered with by the Fantastic Four, but seeing that their crusade was a noble one, transported the survivors to an artificial world known as Nu-World. Upon their arrival to Nu-World, they were attacked by Ted Castle, demanding they leave his world. Thanks to Hulk Jr. using a sophisticated piece of Alex's 26th century technology, Ted was defeated. 
    After renaming the team to the Fantastic Force, they were attacked by the Harpy, taken from the timestream by an insane Gaea who wished to get her people back to the dying future Earth. Harpy was able to imprint herself on Hulk Jr., who ripped Alex to pieces. He was repaired by one of the robots who worked in the hospital known as Nightingale 51. Alex had much empathy for the robots being used as servants on Nu-World and he gave her a piece of his technology, his arousal hardware.  
    Next came the remaining members of Gaea's Hysteries, much more powerful than the Harpy. Scarlet Witch used her magic and wiped Alex's personality from him, something Hulk Jr. could not even fix. It was Nightingale 51 who returned his arousal chip to him which contained back up personality files that he was able to be restored.  This interaction caused much tension between Alex and Natalie.
    Alex then led the charge on Gaea's next attack, which was the Living Planet Ego. Alex went to attack Ego's core and break his mental defenses. This was successful and Psionics was able to give Ego a massive stroke. The heat from the core melted Alex's human form but also seemed to give him a form of telepathy, speaking with no mouth and giving Natalie the ability to hear him with her mind. 
    Alex was asked by Nightingale 51 to lead their robot revolution, but Alex declined. Alex and Natalie rekindled their love for one another. At some point, Alex's body was repaired to resemble a human once more.  

     When the sun exploded and formed a black hole, Nu-World was thrown into a state of chaos. Alex and Lightwave took command of the planet and used Natalie to mind control as many of the people as she could. When a few members of the Fantastic Four returned to Nu-World, Lightwave suggested they kidnap Reed Richards' daughter Valeria to help them. Alex refused this plan, not wanting to kidnap the child of the man who helped them get to where they were today. 

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