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The gadgets Alex used in the movie, book series, and comic books are as follows:

  • Melting Zit cream
  • Parachute Schoolbag
  • Mind control pen
  • Gameboy with various uses: bug detector, listening device, and smoke bomb
  • Explosive earring
  • Cutter CD Player
  • Night Vision Ski Goggles
  • Bulletproof Ski suit
  • Harry Potter Book with a paralyzing dart
  • Cell phone paralyzing dart
  • Game boy with Geiger counter
  • Expanding bubble gum
  • Tiger woods key chain with sleeping gas
  • Bicycle (with missiles, ejector seat, blinding light, smoke gas)
  • Coke Bottle Gun
  • Pizza that has explosive anchovies
  • Postcard that shows the wrong floor on an elevator that someone is going on
  • Tracking device brace so the agency can track him
  • Fingerprint activated explosive and knockout gas inhalers
  • iPod that is actually a tracking device
  • A saw cutter shoelace
  • Three explosive coins with bubble gum packet detonators
  • Belt buckle that contains a knife and when you cut the belt, it contains a jungle survival kit
  • Watch that when you set the hour hand to 11 it becomes a tracking device
  • A shoe with a beacon in it
  • A ghost pencil case that when you try to x ray it you will only see school supplies
  • An eraser that is actually a flash drive that sucks everything on a computer
  • A calculator that when you press a special button 3 times it will jam any camera signal and when you press 911 it sends out a sign so the agency can track him
  • A pencil sharpened that has a diamond blade
  • A postcard that is actually a map
  • A library card that when you scan it in the pencil case it reprograms and allows you to access any door
  • Two pens that are explosives, a notepad that when you write anything it will appear on the agency's computer
  • A water bottle that contains a microphone. It comes with a pair of sunglasses and, upon putting on the sunglasses, Alex can hear what the microphone is picking up.
  • A fake light switch that, upon being stuck to a wall, allows you to hear through the wall with the sunglasses
  • Sunglasses that have a transmitter thing and lenses with a GPS
  • An iPhone that when you touch the screen it takes your fingerprint and makes a fake one
  • Laptop that can explode or directly connect him to the Egyptian Secret Intelligence HQ

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