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The son of Wintergreen, Peabody was originally a teenaged boy working as an apprentice to Deathstroke, alongside Grant Wilson. Alex was clearly inferior in skill and physical prowess compared to Grant; however Alex shows his talent for creating weapons to Slade by creating a phone bomb in a matter of seconds. Later, Alex is taken on by Slade to be his weapons creator and friend.


Alex Peabody was created by Deathstroke writer Kyle Higgins. He first appeared after the DCU relaunch of 2011.

Major Story Arcs


In the New 52, Alex is a friend of Deathstroke, and creates weapons for him to use in his assassination missions.

Peabody first appears in Deathstroke #3, talking to Wilson about a mission in Colorado where Deathstroke is killing Elmer Burnham.

Peabody next appears when he helps Deathstroke with the mystery of finding Grant's mask and dagger in a briefcase. Alex finds out that the blood on the mask is Grant's and it is relatively fresh, meaning Grant could be alive. Peabody and Wilson discover a homing device in the hilt of the dagger; they track the device to a local motel. Slade goes to the motel to investigate, but learns that the whole thing was a trap by somebody wearing another Legacy suit. The Legacy character quickly overpowers Wilson, and in the end somehow telekinetically picks up a submarine and flings it at Wilson. Legacy stabs Slade in the shoulder; Slade retaliates with an explosive planted on Legacy's chest, distracting him. Slade goes into the submarine and cobbles together an EMP to stop the armor from giving Legacy his meta abilities. The EMP works and Slade finds a hiding place to wait for help.

Peabody finds him near the scene of the accident and transports Slade to Chicago, where Wilson has his final battle with his son.

Peabody briefly appears at the end of Deathstroke #12, driving Slade away after he defeats Lobo.

Hunt for Lobo

Peabody is with Slade at the grave sight of Adeline Wilson, Slade's wife, but when The Omegas show up to attack Slade, Peabody runs and gets Slade's armor. Peabody isn't seen again until Slade returns from his mission to hunt down Lobo.

Powers and Abilities

Alex has no seemingly meta human powers, however he is a skilled fighter, able to destroy a robot in one kick that Wilson Slade failed to destroy after several hits. As a teenager, he was trained by Deathstroke and alongside Grant Wilson, Deathstroke's son.

Alex's flying device in action
Alex's flying device in action

Alex is a genius mechanic and engineer. He is able to create weapons and devices that allow Slade to carry out his missions, including a jet pack for Slade that was able to fly and outmaneuver a jet fighter's missiles.


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