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Alex in her costume
Alex in her costume

Auteur gained her powers when she was caught in a flood of ionic energy that Wonder Man had inadvertently released when his powers flared out of control. Alex is only one out of the eight individuals that gained powers in this manner, which include her daughter, Jamie Flores. All eight of the individuals would join forces and become the team known as the Crazy 8. Initially, Alex was not keen on the idea of joining the Crazy 8 as she felt it was too dangerous. She was convinced to join only because her daughter was set in her decision to join. Alex wanted to protect her from harm and also from the advances of another member by the name of Stat. Due to her levelheadedness and sound combat decisions; Auteur was given leadership of the team. While a part of the team, Alex was dating and even engaged to Wonder Man. The relationship would end when his powers, out of control, were changing his personality and making him act erratic.


Auteur has the power to psionically cast illusions realistic enough to confuse even the most trained mind.


Known Relatives: Jamie Flores/Dreamer (daughter), Eddie Noynik (ex-husband), Felix Simon (husband), Mr. Flores (father) & Mrs. Flores (mother)

Citizenship: Citizen of the United States. Currently with no known criminal record.

Place of Birth: Unrevealed

Marital Status: Married

Occupation: Screenwriter (Formerly: Adventurer & Actress)

Education: Unrevealed


Gender: Female

Height: ?

Weight: ?

Hair: Blonde

Eyes: Blue

Alternate Realities

Auteur has yet to appear in any alternate realities.


Auteur was created by Gerard Jones & Jeff Johnson.

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