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Alex Elder was an average teenage boy prior to being attacked and transformed into a vampire. He had a family Mother, Father and little sister as well as a girlfriend  named, Julie. Alex Elder unlike other vampire was unique due to having drunk the blood of Ekimus the Grigori whose race predated humanity and was the father of the vampires, this allowed Alex to become a fire caster something that most vampires were incapable of doing without mystic training as well as allowing him levitation and unassisted flight.  Alex was able to stand the light of heaven without being disintegrated while only receiving  a mild headache, Alex not willing to kill humans to maintain his existence relied on the blood of animals of pigeons and rats but mostly drank blood plasma from blood banks which he learned to tolerate and noted the aftertaste of anti-coagulate within it.

Alex Elder was considered by Ekimus the Chosen One who would help Ekimus rid humanity of the vampires that he and Lilith had loosen into the world when they mated and grant him salvation or possible forgiveness. As such Ekimus and Joe the Indian, a Mexican Vampire would look after and guide Alex in his role as the Chosen One, a role that Alex did not want nor accept.

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