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The Original Aleta
The Original Aleta

The galactic beauty named Aleta had always been aggressive and devoid of emotion. Aleta is the daughter of Ogord, a member of the Reavers of Arcturus and her mother, Salaan. She hated her adoptive younger brother Stakar, because unlike her he was caring and passive. In her eyes, he was weak and unworthy of bearing the same name as her families. Time passed and the two would come to see each other with disdain and keep guard from each other. When Stakar became the age of manhood, he and Aleta went to the forbidden city to met his destiny. Although Aleta hated Stakar's weakness, she assisted him because he finally showed courage to adventure there by himself.

Aleta and the helmet
Aleta and the helmet

Inside the city, they discovered the ancient statue of the Hawk-God along with some helmets capable of mind powers. When Aleta threw one of the helmets to the floor, it awakened the statue. Aleta was converted into pure energy and used as a power supply for the Hawk-God and his reckless want for destruction. Stakar used the helmet to contact Aleta inside and this caused a massive explosion. When the dust cleared, only one being remained - Starhawk. All three beings seemed to combine into one form. While in this state, only one of the two could be in existence at a time, Stakar forced his sister Aleta to spend much of her time in limbo. During her time in limbo, Aleta grew less aggressive and more empathetic and emotionally open, perhaps time or the merging with Stakar caused this change.

Aleta - Guardian of the Galaxy
Aleta - Guardian of the Galaxy

The Hawk God allowed Aleta and Stakar to be separated for a short time, although Aleta's physical body was killed in the transformation. Her body is actually made from light which she can make solid. During that time, Aleta had three children - Tara, John and Sita - who were subsequently kidnapped by their grandfather and turned into psychic vampires. Aleta’s children were killed and Aleta blamed her brother Stakar for the whole incident.

She and Starhawk both joined the Guardians of the Galaxy. In a battle with the Stark, she was bombarded with multiple lasers while trying to switch places with her brother. Somehow, this caused them to split into separate beings. Aleta started a relationship with galactic superhero, Vance Astro, because of her loneliness.Soon, Stakar begins to lose his powers and starts fading from existence. He tells Aleta that they were not supposed to be split so soon and attempted to fuse back together with her. Aleta refused the combination, and soon gained the majority of the Starhawk power. In the meantime, she helped Stakar by providing her light powers to him.

Birth of the
Birth of the "Dark" Starhawk

Having taking the Starhawk power and memories, Aleta learns of the plot of Malevolence to control a powerful young boy named Protege. He is to become the leader of the Universal Church of Truth and if Malevolence is allowed to become the Matriarch, the boy will be corrupted. Aleta faces Malevolence in combat and Protege immediately begins to bond with her. But before the choice of the Matriarch can be made, Stakar arrives and bonds with Aleta, flying off into space.

Aleta was once again trapped in the Nether-Verse, this time with Stakar, who tried to convince her that he never would harm her and it was all the Hawk-God's doing. But Aleta would not believe this and it soon appeared that Stakar and the Hawk-God were the same. He defeated and consumed Aleta, giving forth a transformation in Starhawk where both personalities were present simultaneously in a new body. This new body possessed a combination of Stakar and Aleta's powers - but instead of light it was darkness based.

Aleta still rebelled against Starhawk and could hurt him if she chose, but for the time being it would seem she was trapped. Combined with the fact that the new, darker aspect of Starhawk was present, Vance could not get passed the fact that the woman he loved was in a man's body.

Aleta as Starhawk
Aleta as Starhawk

Stakar continued his dominance of their physical form until his dark side convinced the Guardians to go back in time and destroy the Badoon before they could conquer the solar system. Back in time, they had to face their evil doppelgangers during the Infinity War, which greatly depleted Stakar's power. Aleta would not back him up and demanded that the only way to beat the never-ending evil twins was to allow her to take control of the body. He agreed, but this brief period of dominance was all Aleta needed.

Stakar in a weakened state continued to fight Aleta until she forced him to meet with her in the Nether-Verse. She forced the truth out of him - it was him all along that created the illusion of the Hawk-God consuming her. In her anger, she defeated the weakened Stakar and took command of the body once and for all, forcing Stakar back in to his infant form to start his life anew. Aleta had finally returned as Starhawk, the One-Who-Knows!

As Starhawk, Aleta was briefly her normal self, but this quickly changed. She preferred to be called Starhawk and distanced herself from Vance. She soon began displaying the same characteristics that Starhawk used to - she was cold and often went off on her own, not following orders or being a team player. Her anger also grew, completely destroying the Realitee-Vee facilities on Earth with little regard for her teammates safety. She would remain distant from the team for some time.

Aleta Returns
Aleta Returns

Much to her surprise, Stakar returned as Starhawk, due to his existence in multiple realities and times. She engaged him in battle, extremely angry with his return. This gained the attention of Eternity, who sent the Hawk-God to deal with the problem he had created. The Hawk-God fused Aleta and Stakar's hands together, forcing them to work as one.

After a brief trip to the past to alter a corrupted time line, Aleta sensed that the Guardians were in danger and refused to listen to Stakar. She brought them (unknowingly) to a meeting of the cosmic abstracts, which angered the Hawk-God greatly. He encased them both in energy, but was forced to release them when the abstracts had to battle Protege. Both Aleta and Stakar were depowered and no longer had the Starhawk role.

At their judgment, Aleta chose to stay as herself, not wishing to be the cold One-Who-Knows any longer. She finally forgave Stakar for what happened with their children, but told him she no longer loved him and wished to return to Vance. The Hawk-God granted her the original light powers she had while she was a part of the Starhawk entity.


Aleta can focus photons to solid light constructs which she uses for a variety of offensive and defensive strategies. She can fly by standing on a disc of her own solid light. As an Arcturan she had strength, stamina, durability and agility superior to those of humans. She is able to lift c. 50 tons. She has a lifespan lasting centuries and is immune to most diseases.

When she acts as "Starhawk", Aleta can fly with speed approaching that of light itself. She can survive in the vacuum of space and use various forms of energy to fire concussive blasts or create protective shields. She has displayed limited precognition.

Being made of light, Aleta can phase her own molecules through solid matter or make herself intangible

Other Media


Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2

Michelle Yeoh as Aleta in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2
Michelle Yeoh as Aleta in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2

Aleta appears in a post-credit scene, played by Michelle Yeoh, as Yondu´s original team gathers together after his death. They are: Stakar Ogord, Martinex, Charlie-27, Krugarr and Mainframe.

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