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    Aleph is an android member of The Garden. Unlike his fellow group members, he is designed to destroy worlds unfit for evolution.

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    The Builders, the oldest living race in the universe, designed aggressive systems to shape evolution across the universe. These systems were called Gardeners, or Alephs. As a member of The Garden, he aids them in their quest to raze worlds in order to create new ones more worthy of evolution. Since Alephs can only destroy, each system is given two unique seeds to plant on worlds they deem worthy. These seeds will help create and shape life. This particular Aleph yielded Ex Nihilo and Abyss, who he now works with.

    He was destroyed by both Shang-chi and Thor in the final battle. However, his signal was sent out into space to alert the rest of the Builders of his end. It was revealed the rest of the Alephs are actually fail safes when the Builders' work needs to be restructured or destroyed, which is why they create Gardeners when members of the Creators and Engineers see their work has gone array.


    Aleph was created by writer Johnathan Hickman and artist Jerome Opena. He first appeared in "Avengers World" in December 2012.


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