Aleksander Lukin

    Character » Aleksander Lukin appears in 81 issues.

    A roque Soviet general turned businessman who orchestrated the death of Red Skull.

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    A child survivor of the Red Skull's attack on the Russian village of Kronas, Lukin came under the care of Russian General Vasily Karpov.

    Upon the death of Karpov; the General's secret KGB-developed weaponry and technology, including the Winter Soldier (who was in stasis at the time) passed to Lukin. Lukin initially tried to bargain with the Red Skull for the Cosmic Cube, an object that can alter the reality to its bearer's wishes.

    He finally orchestrated the assassination of the Red Skull using a cybernetic assassin working for him. He take the Skull's Cosmic Cube for himself.

    It is later revealed that the Red Skull did not die, and had instead used the last trickle of power remaining in the Cosmic Cube to transfer his consciousness into Lukin's body. The two now inhabit the same body, and wage a constant battle for control. Lukin was shot and killed by an unstable Sharon Carter, the Skull's mind was transported into one of Arnim Zola's empty android bodies but the fate of Lukin is unknown.

    Aleksander Lukin is also the owner of the Kronas Corporation, a powerful conglomerate with offices in every metropolitan center across the globe, political immunity, and a corporate-owned country along the China-Mongolia border.


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