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When Alejandro Sanchez was a young man, he lost his sister Christina to a fire. Her death would drive Alex to become a helper to others. He grew up, and eventually became a police detective in his hometown of New York City. As a detective, he was tracking down a child kidnapper, when the kidnapper bombed Alex’s apartment. The resultant blast shattered Alex’s legs and tore apart his body. However, cyberneticist Dr. Newton Lovell created robotic limbs for Alex; legs that were funded by the mysterious philanthropist Noah Hightower. Alex’s rehabilitation wasn’t the only thing Hightower was after: Hightower wanted to create his own super-hero. Together with Lovell, Hightower created the Firebrand battle armor. Alex was unsure whether to fill the shoes, but an assault on his NYPD partner convinced him to don the armor of Firebrand.

Firebrand continued to hunt for the child kidnappers, even in the face of golden-skinned super-strong foes in his path. The children were kidnapped by Dr. Nathaniel Browning, a biologist and behaviorist. Browning was trying to create the perfect humans, and created had in fact created a group of super-human “perfect” children: the golden skinned enemies of Firebrand. Firebrand and his partner Leo McCloskey found the kidnapped children, but could not get their hands on Browning before Browning’s “perfect children” killed Browning.


Firebrand #1
Firebrand #1

The third Firebrand debuted in the launch of his own series, Firebrand. Created by writer Brian Augustyn and artist Sal Velluto, Firebrand debuted in February 1996. Firebrand followed the format of other second generation Freedom Fighters, like Black Condor and the Ray. The series followed Firebrand and his exploits in New York City, complete with supporting characters Leo McCloskey, Father Javier Sanchez, and the mysterious Noah Hightower. Firebrand didn’t last long, however, and was cancelled after 9 issues. The third Firebrand only appeared in two other comics: a one-shot story in the pages of Showcase ’96, teaming up with the Guardian, and in JSA Secret Files #2, where he died by the hands of a drugged Checkmate agent in one of Roulette's death match.

Key Story Arcs

Firebrand’s Solo Career

Firebrand, with the help of his partner, Detective McCloskey, and his brother, Father Javier, continued to fight crime. The heroes took down Russian arms merchants trying to peddle two battle-armored suits and a serial killer “Max the Knife” who possessed others and used them to kill. During the fight with Max the Knife, the spirit of Alex’s sister Tina appeared to him to warn Alex that brother Javier was in trouble. Firebrand went up against the robotic children of Beacon Hill, teamed up with Guardian against demonic children, had an unfortunate run-in with Guy Gardner, and tried to help mutated Dr. Stan Macklin from his insane rampage.

His Death in the Arena

Firebrand continued on as a hero, but was snapped up by Roulette, the daughter of golden age hero Mr. Terrific. Roulette ran an underground arena, where captured heroes and villains fought to the death to the crowds of the rich. Firebrand faced off against a Checkmate knight, both fully pumped up with aggressors. Though Firebrand was the favored choice, the unnamed Checkmate knight won, killing Firebrand with a hidden punch dagger. Though Firebrand died, Roulette was eventually taken down by the JSA.

Powers and Abilities

Even without the Firebrand armor, Alejandro Sanchez has been enhanced with cybernetic legs. These legs are slightly stronger than normal legs. He has a cybernetic elbow and shoulder on one arm, and his hip is cybernetic as well. In addition, his bones have been sheathed in an acrylic material, making them almost unbreakable.


Height: 6'

Weight: 188 lbs

Eyes: Brown

Hair: Black

Weapons and Equipment

Alejandro Sanchez dons the Firebrand armor. This armor, conceived by Noah Hightower and designed by Dr. Newton Lovell, increases Firebrand’s strength, speed, dexterity, and stamina. It directly interfaces with Sanchez through his cybernetic implants. The armor is resistant to small arms fire and extreme environments, like fire. His armor has an internal heating/cooling system that allows his body to not be harmed by the environment. His armor is also equipped with razor-sharp claws.

Sanchez can use the armor to access an orbiting Hightower satellite, and power boost the armor. When he does so, the armor becomes wreathed in green flames. The boost also acts as an adrenaline surge, imbuing Sanchez with additional power.


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