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The Daughter of Adam and Alanna Strange, and is therefore half Rannian and half human.


Was created to show a degree of evolution and maturity in the Adam Strange character during his miniseries in the 1990s.

Major Story Arcs

Mostly a background character, she was featured though played an insignificant role in the Rann Thanagar War. After the events of Infinite Crisis her father was blinded and trapped in deep space with Starfire and Animal Man. Upon his return home he was returned to Rann where he grandfather (Sardath) was able to clone new eyes for Adam with genetic material derived from Aleea.

Aleea has two pets, Stranger and Strangest.

Alternate Future

In Kingdom Come elseworld, an adult version of Aleea Strange is used as background character. She is member of the returned Justice League and was among the victims of the blackhawk final attack.

Her visual designs were more based in Gary Concord than Adam Strange.


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