Alec King

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    Alec King is a born loser

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    The story opens with Alec King in the middle of a warehouse shortly after he kills his friend and shortly before he kills himself.


     Alec King: The Born Loser
     Alec King: The Born Loser
    Alec King was a born loser, a sniveling little drug addled loser... a man who worked small time gigs especially working on old arcade games, secretly stealing some of the change he collected from them. 

    But living with his buddy Brian on chump change and hot dog vendors seemed especially hard with Brian shorted his bookie on money. 

    The only way to pay him back was to kill a smarmy politician by the name of Callahan. It would'nt be the first time Alec had shot somebody. 

    So the two hatch a plan to kill Callahan by shooting him in the chest while they wash his skyscraper's windows.

    The bullet shatters through Alec's head and kills Brian by mistake. 

    Alec King. Never did a right thing in his life and now? His friend is dead and he can't die.

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