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Alea was born in Oregon. She lived on a ranch with her boyfriend, Guy, and lived a relatively normal life until one day a Daemonite assassin was sent by its D'rahn masters to murder Guy. The D'rahn informed the couple of an ancient war between the Kherubim and Daemonite forces and told Guy that he possessed Kherubim blood. After murdering Guy, a D'rahn named Pildra "enlightened" Alea, transforming her body into one covered by a red exo-skeleton. Before Pildra could further act, Wildcore showed up causing her to flee. The group took Alea with them as they left and later offered her a spot amongst them. She accepted in hopes of better understanding her current situation.

Major Story Arcs


Alea is in training to better understand the extent of her newfound powers. She also has shown signs of mental trauma due to the loss of her former boyfriend. In one instance she threw a fit of grieving rage, repeatedely calling out Guy's name, and had to be restrained by fellow teammate Brawl.

Wildcore included her on a mission to stop a riot at Purgatory Max, a prison created for dangerous superhumans. One such superhuman, Baron Tödt, and his group, the Axis, attacked the prison and freed all its prisoners. The mission proved to be a disaster for Wildcore as the inmates overpowered and separated the group. Many members died in the riot, Alea being one of them.

Powers And Abilities

Alea is encased in a red crystalline exo-skeleton which grants her high levels of superhuman strength and invulnerability, the extent of which is unknown. She has also showed the ability to absorb and re-emit energy.


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