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    Character » Aldo Ferro appears in 14 issues.

    Aldo Ferro was employed by the Weapon X project to telepathically implant it's members with false memories.

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    Origin History

    Aldo Ferro was a mutant telepath responsible for the memory implants that the Weapon X members received. He became aware of the Weapon X projects due to it having connections to the criminal underground, he approached the project director and offered his services for a modest fee and a promise for a healing factor which would retard his aging. His ability to directly alter the Weapon X candidates memories would save the Weapon X project millions in cost and would make the memory implants more permanent and reliable rather then relying on drugs, theatrical set- ups and props.

    Professor Thornton agreed to his terms in order to reduce the project cost and a better guarantee in the false memory implants that otherwise could not be verified or guaranteed with their own crude method of role playing.

    Once Aldo Ferro implanted the false memories in the candidates using his own perverse pseudo science theory of tying each memory with traumatic real life experience in order to make sure the memories were retained, he was double crossed and denied the healing factor upgrade which would have retarded his aging.

    Decades later after leaving the project Aldo Ferro was living under government protection due to his involvement in the project his body guard at the time was Maverick one of the original Weapon X program candidate. Still bitter and angry at being double crossed by the project leaders he had spend his resources in trying to crack Wolverine's Genetic Code in order to craft it onto himself.

    But, due to the years Psi - Borg had already started aging and in order to maintain himself, he had himself crafted with cybernetic technology to stave off his natural aging process, a crude and unpleasant sight that Aldo used his psi powers to mask his appearance.

    Wolverine along with the rest of the the old Weapon X members battled Aldo on his private island resulting in the death of Silver Fox at the hands of Sabretooth which at the time Aldo was mind controlling. Wolverine angry and in turmoil ripped open Sabretooth nearly killing him. Aldo's original body had been damaged in the ensuing battle and was also dying. To save both their lives he chose to merge with Sabretooth, managing to escape from the battle.

    Powers and Abilities

    Psi - Borg is a powerful telepath whose skills were gained through life time experience and was also cybernetically enhanced to compliment his mental powers with physical strength and to protect his frail aging body.

    Aldo Ferro was skilled enough to hide his psi signature for decades from the world's most talented telepaths till the psi screen dropped in mid battle. Xavier commented that the level of skill and power that Aldo displayed by hiding his psi signature from him and cerebro and even Jean does not randomly appears but is rather developed.

    illusions: Aldo was capable of creating telepathic illusions in battle to distract and confuse his opponents even capable of making surreal landscapes.. he has also used it to mask his cybernetic appearance. His illusions were powerful enough to make Hines believe she was attacked and suffered a broken neck killing her instantly of shock.

    Mind control: Aldo with full concentration is able to take control of his opponents keeping them from harming him through telepathic suggestions he refers to as a "Telepathic Grip." He has been able to make Sabretooth relive a memory and force him to kill Silver fox. He has been able to keep Wolverine from approaching or harming him holding him still.

    Psi- Bolt: Aldo is able to project a telepathic/telekinetic blast augmented by his cybernetic armor, it is able to scramble or shock causing telepathic pain, it also temporarily disrupts his opponents mental process as well as knocking them off their feet. The psi bolt is also capable of activating their buried memory implants forcing them to relive their traumatic experiences.

    Astral Plane:   it is possible that Aldo is able to physically travel through the astral plane in order to escape from battle, although it could simply have been an illusion.
    Durability: Psi - Borg's armor is durable enough to withstand a hallow point bullet between the eyes with no damage to itself or even a scratch.


    • Height:  5'10"
    • Weight: 135 lbs (without armor), 300 lbs (with armor)
    • Eyes:  Black
    • Hair:  Bald
    • Skin: Caucasian
    • Nationality: Cuban
    • Status: Cyborg
    • Unusual Features: Disfigured mutant with cybernetic implants and armor

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