Alden Maas

    Character » Alden Maas appears in 6 issues.

    The creator of Wonderworld Amusement Park who kidnaps the Human Torch to use his nova flame powers for a sinister plan.

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    Alden Maas created some extremely popular cartoon characters which made him very rish, as well as spawned Wonderworld, a theme park with robotic versions of his cartoon characters including Maxie Mouse and Hoppalong Hippo. Unfortunately he also had a degenerative disease which not only started shutting down his body also gave him delusions of grandeur. His delusions were not limited to his being the savior of mankind, but to believing that continental drift was caused because the Earth's core's heat expanded the surface, and the core had cooled enough to stagnate the inflation. Seeing that the population of the Earth kept growing, he theorized we would run out of room, so concocted a plan to drill to the Earth's core and heat it back up, leading to the inflation of the Earth's surface creating more room for everyone.  
    He abducted the Human Torch using a grand prix track set up on Wonderworld to fake his death. Maas strapped Storm into a machine which forced him to maintain his nova lever flames and directed them down toward the core of the Earth. 
    Figuring the Human Torch's death as a ruse, the Thing went to Maas island where he found what Maas was up to. Attempting to rescue his teammate, the Thing fell into the pit Maas had drilled. There the Thing teamed up with Mole Man who returned to the surface and defeated Maas and his robots. It was learned Maas died many years ago but his mind and body were kept alive in his Extended Animation Chamber. 
    With his life energies drained, Maas's robotic assistants took Maas's body deep into the Earth.

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