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    A mutant teen who can turn any substance into another chemical element. He often has trouble with trolls.

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    When Thomas Jones was a teen, his mutant powers manifested. He could turn anything he touched into gold. This made him the target of the Troll Associates, a group of trolls that wanted to reclaim the British Isles for their kind. He was kidnapped by the trolls and told to make massive amounts of gold to ruin the British economy. However, his mother had seen what had happened, and called X-Factor. X-Factor tracked Thomas by finding golden objects he had made a trail of. But, when the team arrived at the trolls hideout, they were defeated and imprisoned by the monsters. The trolls then threatened Thomas' mother in an attempt to make him comply with their scheme. To protect his mother, Thomas turned the leaders of the Troll Associates into gold. After freeing X-Factor, he turned the troll statues into lead to stop the economic problems. X-Factor placed the statues in Hyde Park.


    Alchemy was created by Louise Simonson and Arthur Adams in 1989 and first appeared in X-Factor # 41.

    Mayor Story Arcs


    Later, a new Troll Associates kidnapped Thomas' mother, hoping that they could hold her against him. He went to the trolls cavern, but before he did, he called X-Factor again (His call was forwarded to the X-Men). This time, the trolls wanted Thomas to restore the lead trolls to normal. However, Excalibur arrived and defeated the trolls, but Thomas had accidentally turn both Captain Britain and Meggan into gold. However, due to the studies he had been taking in biochemistry, Thomas could now restore the life of transmuted humans. He returned Captain Britain and Meggan back to normal.


    He retained his powers after M-Day.

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