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The Alchemic Regiment was formed in the Middle Ages by the Alchemic Guild, and was made to further the research of Alchemy, while also keeping the secrets of Alchemy in check, in the hope that it would not be used for destruction. As time went on, though, the first goal was dropped, and in time, it became the main force for hunting down and keeping in check different alchemic-related incidents, such as the creation of the Homunculi and hunting down already created Homunculi before they could feed on any human lives.

The Philosopher’s Stone and Victor Incident


One-hundred years before the start of the series, an attempt to create the famed Philosopher’s stone was attempted by the Alchemic Regiment, and through a long and laborious process, three different prototypes were created, and these three attempts became known as the Black Kakugane.

During this time, the regiment was lead by an alchemist named Victor, and he began hunting down a group of Homunculi through Japan. After finding and confronting the head of the Homunculi group, Victor gave up his life destroying the head of the Homunculi organization. He became known as a hero and greatly respected.

Unfortunately, his wife became distraught over his death, and, in a last-ditch attempt to bring the fallen alchemist back to life, replaced his heart with the first ever Black Kakugane. The power of the Kakugane worked, and Victor became not only resurrected from death, but also amazingly powerful and immortal, but this power was too much for Victor. His skin began to grow darker, giving it a reddish color, and his hair began to glow a luminous green. The power from the black Kakugane then grew too intense, and he grew mad, killing everyone in the laboratory, and seriously injuring his wife. The other two Black Kakugane became lost to the outside world.

After his massacre of the people in that building, a force was lead to capture and terminate the former leader, and another group composed entirely of Homunculi, led by his own daughter, Victoria (who had unwillingly become one of the Homunculi.) Despite the frighteningly large force against him, Victor was able to decimate a large portion of the two groups, but he was seriously wounded. Victor then disappeared, and was assumed dead.

After this incident, a great fear of those tainted by the Black Kakugane, and anyone who became tainted would then be hunted down, and exterminated, and all the research on the Philosopher’s stone was halted. A false story that Victor had chosen to become a Homunculus was created, and this became the official account of the events.

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