Alberto Falcone

    Character » Alberto Falcone appears in 42 issues.

    Supposedly a series of people who became the killer for different reasons.

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    The Long Halloween

    Alberto had a Company Managing Master Degree in Harvard. Studied in Oxford with a Rhodes scholarship.

    Gilda Dent and Harvey Dent both carried out the killings of Holiday but without the others knowledge. Gilda is revealed as one of the killers when she is seen burning the gun that Holiday used and the disguise that Holiday used. It is unknown how many people she killed by herself and how many Harvey killed by himself. Harvey supposedly did this so that he and Gilda could start a family. Alberto Falcone later confessed to all of the murders but it is unknown which murders were commited by Gilda Dent, Harvey Dent, and Alberto Falcone.


    • Halloween - Johnny Viti (Carmine Falcone's nephew), who had threatened to testify against his uncle at one point.
    • Thanksgiving - The Irish (a gang of five Irish assassins hired by Falcone to murder District Attorney Harvey Dent)
    • Christmas - Milos Grapa (Falcone's personal bodyguard)
    • Valentine's Day - Mobsters hired by Falcone as well as innocent patrons of rival mob boss Sal Maroni's restaurant
    • St. Patrick's Day - A large number of Maroni's men
    • April Fools Day - The Riddler (shot at, purposely unharmed. A play on the theme of April Fools Day)
    • Mother's Day - The Gunsmith (a shop owner who had been making Holiday's guns)
    • Father's Day - Luigi Maroni (Sal Maroni's father)
    • Independence Day - Jasper Dolan (Gotham City Coroner)
    • The Roman's Birthday - Carla Viti (Falcone's sister and Johnny Viti's mother)
    • Labor Day - Salvatore Maroni
    • Halloween - Camine Falcone, Vernon Field (both killed by Two Face)

    Other Versions

    Batman Overdrive

    In the Graphic Novel, Batman: Overdrive a teenage Alberto takes on the name Chop and runs a car chop shop under Gotham. He uses kid versions on Harley Quinn, Pamela Ivy, Lady Shiva and Selina Kyle to steal cars and use the under ground abandon subway to transport them out of Gotham. A 16 year old Bruce Wayne, becomes Batman and stops him.


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