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    A robotic replica of Wolverine created by Donald Pierce to kill Wolverine. He managed to grow beyond his programming however and became instead somewhat of an ally to him.

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    Albert is a robotic replica of Wolverine and was created by Donald Pierce in the same electrolytes baths as Lady Deathstrike to hunt down and kill Wolverine with his counterpart, Elsie Dee, a small female child robot with a lisp and genius level intellect. Initially Albert was referred to as "Dummy" due to being given a lower intelligence since it did not require him to possesses any high cognitive reasoning to kill Wolverine.

    He was initially a simplistic robot whose sole mission was to kill Wolverine and was not even capable of simulating human emotions. That was until Elsie Dee decided to upgrade and enhance his intelligence to genius levels, similar to her own, resulting in Albert gaining full sentience similar to Elsie Dee and questioning their mission and existence.


    Albert was created by Larry Hama and Marc Silvestri and first appeared in a cameo in Wolverine Vol.1 issue 37 (1991) before appearing fully in Wolverine issue 38 (1991).

    Major Story Arcs

    Meeting Wolverine

    Wolverine guts Albert.
    Wolverine guts Albert.

    Elsie Dee then change his name from Dummy to Albert to reflect his new growing intelligence. Albert's new personality allowed him to grow an emotional bond to Elsie Dee and not wishing to fulfill their mission of self sacrifice where Elsie Dee would detonate once within Wolverine grasp. He then instead chose to face Wolverine without Elsie Dee in hopes of being able to kill him, thus preventing Elsie Dee from having to sacrifice herself to kill Wolverine.

    Albert ended up being heavily damaged and left for dead by Wolverine requiring self repair he sought out help in the form of two criminals who only wanted to use him for future crimes. while looking to make repairs he was contacted by Elsie Dee through their mutual com link. She informed him that she was going to fulfill her mission of killing Wolverine and to say goodbye and to go on with his existence and to live for both of them. Albert, not wanting her to die, instead chose to go to an electronic shop and used his build-in modem to access various databases and even government decrypting computers to find a deactivation code canceling her self-destruct sequence and thus saving her life.


    Albert and Elsie Dee soon change their minds about trying to kill Wolverine once they witness Wolverine's willingness to save lives and how he risked himself to save Elsie Dee in their initial encounter. Instead they chose to look after Wolverine whenever possible from trying to advert his feral mutation and even to the point of time traveling to the past in hopes of preventing his apparent death and altering the future.

    Due to their time traveling and altering the past, present and future, it has been shown that Elsie Dee and Albert will team up and remain loyal to Wolverine even in a possible apocalyptic future, choosing to fight alongside Logan and Forge to protect not only him but his friends.

    Albert is accompanied by Elsie Dee and at times by the Hunter in Darkness, referred to by Elsie Dee as "Puppy."

    Powers & Abilities

    Albert is a self-aware robotic double of Wolverine with genius level intelligence and computer speed processing power. Albert is highly resistant to damage, he possesses claws similar to Wolverine and his physical attributes, but lacks a healing factor.


    Albert also has a build-in modem capable of interfacing with computers, accessing the world wide net, as well as controlling a government stealth plane, and he also shares an internal com-link with Elsie Dee.


    Albert possesses a long-range scanner able to to scan well over the earth's horizon for a single individual using infrared, spectrographic narrow field scans and pheromone matching. Albert is even capable of scanning on the psi spectrum wavelength, allowing him to track an individual across the world.


    Albert is capable of running at superhuman speeds beyond most humans. Running alongside Elsie Dee they managed to outpace Bloodscream, having to stop on occasions for Bloodscream's benefit. Bloodscream himself was astonished at their running speed and stamina admitting that he was incapable of matching them.


    Albert's composite material is composed of synthetic moly-steel laminate exo-skeleton contributing to his overall exterior durability. After receiving considerable damage from Wolverine, Albert repaired himself with various bits of metal and bulletproof Kevlar.

    Alternate Versions

    Earth 5211

    The All-Wolverine Exiles team.
    The All-Wolverine Exiles team.

    An alternate reality version of Albert and Elsie Dee ended up on the all Wolverine team of Exiles.


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