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    Séries principalesdeàRôle
    (Catalogues) Ventes aux enchères - Kahn-Dumousset2011
    (Recueil) Pilote (Super Pocket)19681969
    34 / 34 Camera / Camera1950
    Asterix (Mini-livres - Les 12 travaux d'Astérix)1976
    Astérix (Au pays d')1985
    Astérix (Autres)19782021
    Astérix (Collection Atlas - Les archives)20142015
    Astérix (Collection Atlas - Statuettes)20012004
    Astérix (Elf)1973
    Astérix (France Loisirs)19922015
    Astérix (Hachette - La collection officielle)20202021
    Astérix (Hachette)20022014
    Astérix (Hors Série)19762020
    Astérix (L'intégrale - France Loisirs 2010)20092011
    Astérix (La grande collection)20062007
    Astérix (Le journal d')19911999
    Astérix (livres-jeux)19762021
    Astérix (Mini-Livres)19771978
    Astérix (Pop-Hop)19711974
    Astérix (Presse)20092020
    Astérix (Publicitaire)19702019
    Astérix (Rouge et Or)19831984
    Astérix et ses amis19831984
    Aventures de l'âge d'or19801981
    Bd fait sa cuisine (La)1999
    Benjamin et Benjamine19912012
    Bison (Collection)1947
    Jehan Pistolet19892002
    Luc Junior19902011
    Magiciens d'eau (Les)1987
    Marco Polo (Joly)1977
    Oumpah-Pah -2- (Bédé Chouette)19861988
    Oumpah-Pah -3- (Albert René)2018
    Rire c'est rire1995
    Tanguy et Laverdure19612019
    Tanguy et Laverdure (Intégrale Télé 7 jours)2014
    Asterix de Galliër19681999
    Asterix omnibus (The great)1990
    Astérix (A Colecção)2009
    Astérix (Coleção Integral - Salvat)20192021
    Astérix (en allemand)19702020
    Astérix (en anglais)19662009
    Astérix (en espagnol)19801992
    Astérix (en italien)19722009
    Astérix (en langues régionales)19782020
    Astérix (en langues étrangères)19872020
    Astérix (en latin)19732015
    Astérix (en portugais)19672009
    Astérix (hors série) (en anglais)20072008
    Astérix (hors série) (en portugais)19852021
    Astérix (Outros)2000
    Astérix (Rouge et Or) (en portugais)19851986
    Astérix (Tudo sobre)20112012
    Classici del fumetto di Repubblica (I)1975
    João Pistolão (Jehan Pistolet en portugais)20052007
    Tanguy e Laverdure19691986
    Tanguy y Laverdure2014

    Son of Italian immigrants - his family did not acquire French nationality until 1934 -, Albert Uderzo discovered comics at a very young age through the character of Mickey Mouse, published in the Petit Parisien, then in the newspaper of the same name. In 1940, when he was only 14 years old, he presented himself to the Parisian Publishing Company, which hired him. He learns the basics of the trade, drawing letters, photo editing and grading a text, etc. He publishes his first illustration, a parody of the fable Le Corbeau et Le Renard, in the magazine Junior. He also made the decisive encounter with Edmond-Francois Calvo. After a stay in Brittany, he joined his father and assisted him with a Parisian luthier. In 1945, he worked with Renan de Vela on a cartoon project entitled Clic-Clac, then illustrated Flamberge, a story of musketeers written by a certain Em-Re-Vil. The following year, following a classified ad, he was hired by Éditions du Chêne. He draws a story in 16 boards featuring the Grognard Clopinard. Under the pseudonym of Al Uderzo, he collaborated with OK magazine and successively designed Arys Buck, Prince Rollin, then Belloy the Invulnerable. In 1949, he found himself as a reporter and cartoonist for the newspaper France-Dimanche. Following Jean Bellus, he animates Le Crime ne pays, a vertical comic strip published by France-Soir. After drawing Captain Marvel Junior in Bravo! Uderzo binds with Yvan Cheron, the head of the Belgian agency International Press. The latter invites him to Brussels and introduces him to Georges Troisfontaines, the director of the World Press agency; he also met the designers Victor Hubinon, Eddy Paape and Mitacq... as well as the screenwriter Charlier with whom he revived Belloy in 1951 in La Wallonie. The same year, he met a young man who had just arrived from the United States: René Goscinny. A bond quickly develops between the two men. First of all, they write and illustrate a section on good manners, published in the women's magazine Bonnes Soirées. They then design Pistolin, featuring a nice corsair, followed shortly after by Luc Junior. These 2 series appear in the Libre Junior. At that time, they even had the idea of ​​launching a character by the name of Oumpah-Pah on the American market. This one was not very successful and remained for a few more years in its drawing box. Also for Bonnes Soirées, Uderzo illustrates His Majesty my husband and Valérie Andre, a heroine of the Indochina war. Along with Octave Joly, in 1955 he embarked on two realistic soap operas: Tom and Nelly, children of the century for Risque-Tout and Marco Polo for La Libre Junior. At the end of 1955, Uderzo, Charlier, Goscinny and Jean Hebrard (head of advertising at the World Press) decided to found a union to defend their rights. Their employers find out and decide to fire them. The quartet then founded two parallel companies: Edifrance and Edipresse, both an advertising and press agency. Sponsored by Pupier chocolate, they released the Pistolin booklet. In summary, we find Uderzo in Belloy, in Heroic Children and in Great Names in the History of France. At the same time, with Goscinny, he created Bill Blanchart, a realistic series published in the Libre Junior, and continued Benjamin et Benjamine in the magazine of the same name, following Christian Godard. In 1957, on a text by Charlier, he drew Clairette, a sentimental comic book offered by Paris-Flirt. A year later, Uderzo made his debut in Tintin. In addition to the Oumpah-Pah series, finally published, he produced various complete stories and La Famille Cokalane, an advertising creation sponsored by Petrole Hahn shampoo. Edifrance/Edipresse managers are teeming with projects. The first of them, Le Supplément illustré, is intended for all the daily press. For the occasion, Uderzo draws Banjo 3 no longer responds, a realistic strip prefiguring Tanguy and Laverdure and Antoine the Invincible. This supplement will not exceed the n°0. The same goes for Radio-Télé, for which he only designed a cover and a strip. This magazine if it does not come out, nevertheless allows the team to establish serious contacts with the Radio-Luxembourg station, which will materialize in October 1959 with the release of Pilote. From the first issue of this weekly, Albert Uderzo undertakes Tanguy and Laverdure with Charlier and Asterix with Goscinny. The little Gaul has established himself over the years as the absolute best-seller and the most famous character in all of French comics. Over the years, Uderzo abandons his other series to devote himself only to this character. In 1967, the first of a long series of Asterix the Gaul cartoons was released. Seven years later, still in the company of Goscinny, he founded the Idefix studios. In 1979, two years after the death of his screenwriter, he created the Albert-René editions. Since Goscinny's death in 1977, Uderzo has been solely responsible for the text and drawings. But he's so steeped in his characters that he has no trouble maintaining the spirit of the show. The hardest part is coming up with a new idea each time. Uderzo writes and draws each image for an album himself, in his apartment. He works about 9 months to make an album (3 months for the scenario and the dialogues and 6 months for the drawings). For the Adventures of Asterix alone, around 14,000 drawings have already been produced. The Asterix collection now includes 30 titles, distributed in more than 250,000,000 copies worldwide and translated into more than 40 languages. Not to mention the 6 animated films, feature films and all licensed derivative products. After several years of absence, Uderzo released in 1996 an album of the adventures of the famous Gauls, La Galère d'Obélix.


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