Albert Einstein

    Character » Albert Einstein appears in 286 issues.

    A world-renowned German physicist.

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    Born in a town in Germany called Ulm, he went to pursie a life of science when he became an adult. uring one of his many studies, he developed the relativity theory at the age of 26. Seeing he was partial to the scientific field of physics, he worked as a teacher of theoretic physics in academic univeristies across Germany.

    He was captured and sent to a small community called Dodge city in 1871, by a creature known as the chronovore, who feeds on time itself. He soon realized through all of the confusion that he was forced to travel time against his own will and he set out to find an explanation.

    During his journey he met western heroes such as Kid Colt, Two-Gun Kid, Rawhide Kid and the Phantom Rider. After getting to know the heroes, he was soon referred by the heroes as "Uncle Al". They decided to help Albert in his quest for an explanation and they provided Einstein with advanced alien technology from their known allies. As Albert would began to utilize the technology to his benefit, he would be protected by the heroes from all sorts of threats.

    Soon enough, a threat did rise, a leader of a gang of raiders was under the belief that the western heroes were protecting valuable food and gold. They launched many raids until they were defeated by the western heroes and other heroes who travelled from the 20th century.

    After discovering that time could only be manipulated, he

    to make a machine to help him get back to his original time but his dream quickly was abandoned as he couldn't find any power source to run the machine. Soon Albert and other time-hopping heroes discovered the same creature that sent im to this time and the group was swallowed by the beast. They were forced to travel through different periods of time to attempt to reach the source of the creature, the brain.

    As soon as they reached the source, tey found out the creature was being tortured by the villainous Doctor Doom. The heroes defeated Doctor Doom while Albert examined the machine that was able to manipulate the time-eating creature. Einstein was able to reconfigure the machine in order for the creature to restore the displacement of the time that was created by Doom.

    Einstein did return to his time, where he would remember his time-travels but he pursued in his field of physics to become a legend for centuries to come.

    E-Man Comics

    E-Man's Costume
    E-Man's Costume

    In E-Man Comics Einstein is always prominent. Einstein's famous equation E=MC2 is even used on the uniform of E-Man himself. Einstein was even used as a narrator for the comic in at least one issue.


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