Albert Destine

    Character » Albert Destine appears in 7 issues.

    Monk of the temple of the Seventh Moon in Nepal and member of the ClanDestine.

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    Albert Destine is the second oldest monk in the Seventh Moon temple in Nepal. Albert has the ability to heal others. Although he is powerful, he couldn't stop the Black Death which left him scarred. In the winter of 1374, Albert was being escorted to a Monastery in Tibet by Adam, and his brother Thaddeus. Albert, Adam, and Thaddeus ran into zombie creatures who tried to kill them. In the battle; his brother, Thaddeus, was knocked over a cliff. The inhuman Tar came, and Albert used his powers in a negative way and killed Tar. Every time Cuckoo inhabited a new body that was badly hurt she would come to him for healing. After the last body switch she did, Albert refused to help heal anymore stolen bodies.


     Albert has similar powers to Elixir, that been said he is capable of regenerating damage tissue, organs and limbs. He is unable to remove illness from the body. Plus the ability to teleport, to the exact place of his relatives without knowing they are there. Unlike Elixir it pains him to heal others and bring him great trauma to be around those that are dying. He been shown to use magic but nowhere at the level of his siblings.


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