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    Alaris is a member of the Inhumans and a resident powerhouse of the Royal Guard.

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    The Inhumans

    Transformed by “Terrigen Mist”, this race of super-powered humans lives in isolation and does not trust other humans.

    The Inhumans are a race of beings that split from humans 25,000 years ago; after an alien race, called the Kree, used primitive man for their own experiments; hoping to create a super powered army for themselves. When the Kree left, the Inhumans were left on Earth.

    Brief History

    Alaris is a member of the Royal Guard. He was selected for the position as soon as he emerged from the Terrigen Mist chamber due to his obviously enhanced size. He has been a long time friend with the Inhuman called San, as well as Tonaja. Alaris along with Nahrees, Tonaja, Jolen and San; was selected to be in a group of "foreign exchange students" with normal humans. It was then that Alaris grew to his full outgoing nature.

    Emerging from Terrigenesis

    Alaris was going through Terrigenesis the same day San was. He asked San if he was nervous. San tried to cheer him up by saying he knew he was destined for great things. When Alaris emerged from the Terrigen chamber, along with his friend San, he was surprised to see that contrary to his former belief, he had emerged much more muscular and obviously physically stronger. San had apparently shriveled in size and become more deformed in appearance. It was then that he was immediately selected for the Royal Guard. Through further testing of Alaris's abilities, the Inhumans discovered that the Terrigen Mists had rendered Alaris bulletproof, in addition to endowing him with incredible super strength, speed, reflexes, stamina, and endurance.

    Going To Earth

    Alaris was with the others when the humans came to teach them about American history. Unlike the others, he was the only one actually trying to listen to the story. Alaris was awake, on the ship going towards Earth, while everyone was asleep. He went to the captain’s room and spoke to the captain. He spoke of how he couldn’t wait to see Earth and do everything humans do. When Alaris got to the house, he quickly went outside to meet humans. He saw a group of people and went to speak to them; but they threw a tomato at him. Alaris smiled and said they needed time to get used to him, so he would come back at another time. Alaris went shopping with San. Here, he befriended some boys and went to their house, and listened to Nelly. San leaves and so does Alaris.


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