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It is unknown when exactly Alanna was conceived except that she is genetically the offspring of Lilandra Nermani then Shair Empress and her lover and husband X-men founder and leader Professor Charles Francis Xavier. 


In Alanna's home dimension she grew up in the shiar imperium idolizing her aunt Deathbird. She became proficient at a young age at the same martial arts as Deathbird and also developed Telepathic abilities similar to her father Charles Xavier. At some point both her parents died and she gained control of the Shiar empire and using stategem taken from Deathbird went on to continue the shiar culture by way of conquoring neighboring universes and planets and forcing them into a joined union with the empire much like the shiar Gods themselves.
When she arrived on the planet earth she was met with spirited resistance and took her time in conquering it and subjugating it's people. She had always had a fascination with the lesser evolved birds of earth and took it upon herself to recruit many with avian abilities or physiology to high rank under shiar rule. She wed the earth mutant Angel and promoted Sauron to general. 
One day as she enjoyed her newly conquered planet she came upon her aunt deathbird and her paramour the mutant known as bishop.

Powers and Abilities

She is a mid level telepath able to read minds and comunicate with ohers over vast distances.
In addition she is proficient in the use of most shiar and terrestrial weapons as well as the shiar martial arts style made and perfected by deathbird.

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