Alana Patel

    Character » Alana Patel appears in 26 issues.

    Former love interest of the Plutonian.

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    Alana was a sound engineer who after an encounter with the Plutonian, was known by the media as "The Plutonian's Girlfriend". This would lead to a romantic relationship between the two, often interrupted by Modeus and Max Damage. After years of dating, the Plutonian decides to reveal to her that he is her coworker Dan Hartigan. However, Alana feels betrayed what she view as Plutonian playing a sick game with her. Angered, she blurts out to the rest of her coworkers her newfound discovery. After preventing his identity from becoming public knowledge, the Plutonian takes Alana elsewhere in an attempt to mend their relationship. But Alana tells him that she doesn't even who he is. She then leaves him standing there. After that incident, her love for the Plutonian was over.

    In the second issue of Irredeemable, Kaidan goes to search for her in Sky City. She finds her in her apartment. Kaidan hopes to find any information about the Plutonian but is unable as even Alana didn't know much about him, other than he is originally from Wisconsin.

    Powers & Abilities

    In Incorruptible, Alana uses the same super-technology and resources to give herself powers just like Max Damage and uses them to briefly assist him. She possesses super strength, super speed, invulnerability but also the same weaknesses as Max; the longer she stays awake, the greater her strength but also she can suffer from sleep deprivation.


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